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Do you think TCG Live sucks compared to TCG online? Be HONEST.

I migrated my account today because I’d never heard of TCG Live and, even though I was already happy with TCG Online, I thought the new version might be an improvement, and I was excited that there was a mobile version. I’m not only unimpressed, I’m honestly shocked at how much I dislike it. I loved Pokémon TCG as a kid and TCG Online got me excited about TCG for a long while. In less than a day, TCG live has destroyed that, and I don’t know if I’ll ever even really use it. I wish I hadn’t migrated my account. Do people generally agree, or are you happy with the new version?

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  • TheRamenGod
    TheRamenGod Member Posts: 1
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    I completely agree and I haven’t even been past the loading screen to play an allegedly bugged game. The problem is not connection but I think it is the lack of active players making matchups rare.

  • Eyemontom
    Eyemontom Member Posts: 22
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    I so nearly migrated earlier today what with the big announcement, then match making went down again and realised that would be a big mistake. Think I'll keep waiting and hoping for improvements........ and a collection section..... and to be able to scroll through the disgard pile..... and for the battle pass to load up without restarting.... and so on.... I know I'll enjoy it more when I have all my cards but there's so many little things that annoy, that I think I'll wait.

  • AleHDC
    AleHDC Member Posts: 15
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    Totally Agree, i just cant see the interface , and you have one critical bug like in 2 games or 3 if you are lucky...