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Pokémon Community Rules & Guidelines

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Contribute to the community in a positive way

We need your help to make an inviting, fun, and safe community! Be kind, courteous, and respectful.

Do not share or reveal personal details about yourself or others

Your safety is extremely important! Never share any identifying information about yourself or others, like your name, age, or job.

No foul language or inappropriate themes

Pokémon is for everyone! We want to make sure everyone feels welcome, and that means keeping content clean, inclusive, and for all ages.

Only official Pokémon products are allowed for discussion

While you’re here on the official Pokémon forums, it’s important to only discuss officially licensed Pokémon products.

Do not moderate other users

Our forum moderators are here to help! If you have an issue, please use the report function to inform our moderators, and they will handle it as quickly as possible.

The rules aren’t all-encompassing

These rules are guidelines! Our staff reserves the right to take disciplinary action should they feel an individual is having a negative impact on the community, even if it’s not outlined above.

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