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Nothing happens when timer runs out


I'm not sure how much this has been stated but lately I've been in matches where it appears the opponent has left the match, gone afk or possibly frozen resulting in their timer running out. Always happens during the other persons turn I've had no issues with freezing like I've seen some others have so I don't think its a problem on my end. However, when the timer runs out (Which I assume would result in a win for me) nothing happens. The screen stays exactly the same (timer stays at 0:00) so I have to concede to leave the game and continue playing. Anyone know of any ways to deal with this or do we just have to wait for it to eventually get fixed?


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    Hello, Trainer Rocket1Airs ,

    We want to make sure the proper team has visibility on this. To submit this to the support team, visit support.pokemon.com then click the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live link. From there click "Contact Us". Please provide additional details and attach screenshots, card expansion & number, or anything else helpful that could give the team more context. We appreciate you reporting this and sending us additional information.

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    This happens because you were disconnected from the match due to either a connection issue or a server error. Close the client if the opponent does nothing for over 45 seconds, because the game is already over by then.