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Ladder Rank— How High Have YOU Gotten?


I was stuck at Greninja for a very long time. Finally made it as high as Houndoom but since dropped back to mid 600’s.

(I would love to play against players of the 1000+ caliber, just for the experience!)

Anyways, yeah.



  • Ampersundae
    Ampersundae Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
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    I've been wondering how many people actually get up to the higher ranks. Even if you had a perfect winning record, that's a lot of games to play. Of course, nobody has a perfect record, and the decks you play against are usually just as competitive as yours, so that's a lot of playtime in a month. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's 36 additional wins to get to the Ultra League (and rewards other than better opponents and bragging rights this month) if you had a perfect record, because of course that doesn't factor in setback from losses.

    I'm guessing a lot of people are like me, who get in to the Great League each month for the rewards, then float around that level for the rest of the month.

    In months where I haven't played as much, and I'm really trying to get into the Great League last minute it can be kind of stressful. I can have bad days that just set me back. It's really refreshing to switch back to casual and play fun decks instead of the best meta ones. I believe if I were to focus only on moving up the ladder I would get burnt out and quit this game fast. Being in the higher leagues doesn't even sound enjoyable if you don't have time to play a fun casual game.

    Just one thing I think could be looked at, and the ladder re-scaled if a very small percentage of players are actually progressing far on it.

  • kot123456
    kot123456 Member Posts: 108 ✭✭✭
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    I only play ranked if the meta is bearable to play against (current meta is pretty good as it allows lots of decks to be played thanks to cards like TM devolution and jirachi that makes rogue decks stand a chance against meta decks) and most I've gotten to was 1500 with durant mill during the silver tempest meta, though it felt like a slog because of slow point gains and lugia being at it's peak

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,484 ✭✭✭✭
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    I only started playing ranked a while ago, so I think it's justified that I'm only in Pokeball rank.

  • Zhula
    Zhula Member Posts: 67
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    i got to 1080 last month. the last 200 points to ultra has evaded me hardcore for the last couple months. it's really hard, the game has too much variance to climb fast enough with the static rating and monthly resets

  • drummerwyatt
    drummerwyatt Member Posts: 14
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    Why don’t more people just play meta? The deck lists are easy to find?

    Im assuming because it’s very difficult to know how to play them properly.

  • drummerwyatt
    drummerwyatt Member Posts: 14
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    Btw, I’ve been doing a lot better this round! Made it to Alakazam so far.. seem to be holding my own at ~900.

    I play a Peony/Miraidon deck that I copied from “In Third Person” (https://shorturl.at/lsCEU). I’ll go on like a 10 game winning streak and then brick like 4 in a row. Sometimes those electric generators just whiff. Lol

  • clasingla
    clasingla Member Posts: 2,121 ✭✭✭✭
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    Still at pokeball rank because I am scared about the consequences if I lose

  • CyberMawile
    CyberMawile Member Posts: 5
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    I'm still at Cleffa because I just make decks up and reap the consequences.

  • Nickalooose1
    Nickalooose1 Member Posts: 47
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    I get to 600 points pretty quickly somehow, 1 minute I'm at 20 points, the next I'm at 600... But highest I got to was 780 points last ladder, I didn't play the full ladder, joined late.

    Around 200 points, I see a lot of electric decks... Which aren't difficult when they require those Flaffy on the bench.

    After 400 points, I play a lot of Roaring Moon and Gardevoir... Pretty easy to beat these days but I'm not going to lie, I did struggle with them when I first started playing them, no more though.

    After 600 points, I literally only play Charizard EX decks, and they're trash anyway, if it wasn't for the energy ability, 2 move cost or move upscale, I'm sure Noone would use that deck. shrugs

    Around 700 points, I see mainly Charizard EX, but I see the random Dialga V deck, but predominantly Charizard EX.

    I see the odd Colorless deck, that Raindeer Pokémon... Mimikyu... Palkia... Electrode... Decks, but barely... When I can think of all the decks I play and see there's only like 10 or whatever, it makes me sad, especially as I don't use any of these and I can still get 700 points, and I'm a casual player.

    For those of you who hit the higher ranks, are the decks better than these, more creative, more unpredictable, essentially more fun to play against? Constantly seeing these decks, I get bored and only play a few when I load up... Be interesting to see others opinions who get higher ranked.

  • Paulib1989
    Paulib1989 Member Posts: 3
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    I've been sat between 720 and 780 for 2 days now, only seen to be seeing charizard, roaring moon and lost zone decks. Only really struggle against the roaring moon decks at the moment but running a cross deck palkia and the dude that knows hail blade 😂( can't remember his name) I've only been playing for 3 weeks tho played alot as a kid. Are the decks in casual all more custom made? I don't mind the slog of the ranked but some random casual decks would be nice. Fyi ten game loosing streaks can really set you back 😂 just glad I can't drop below greninja now