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Jirachi - Who does he stop?

If Jirachi's ability doesn't stop Radiate Greninja's Moonlight Shuriken attack - who does Jirachi actually stop?

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  • Califlaur
    Califlaur Member Posts: 16
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    Also since no one mentioned it, Jirachi only stops damage counters from BASIC pokemon and only when they attack. So mimikyu vmax or annihilape ex will bypass it since they are evolution pokemon. This also means damage counters placed from hawlucha or iron valient will still work because they are not attacks. Like mentioned above, the only relevent pokemon that Jirachi will stop are sableye, medicham V, and cresselia


  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,456
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    It stops cards which say that they place damage *counters* in the attack text. Mainly, Sableye's Lost Mine.

  • 10types
    10types Member Posts: 200
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    It is mainly used to stop sableye from the lost zone deck, although it is also useful for stopping medical v. Keep in mind it only stops benched damage counters, so they can still ping the activite

  • CaustiCorrosive
    CaustiCorrosive Member Posts: 13
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    Sableye needs to DIAF. Glad we finally have a way to prevent it from nuking everything.

    I was wondering the same thing since Rad Greninja just doinked out my Jirachi and Scream Tail. Sigh... I really wish there was some consistency with how damage is done.