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No valid cards help

Hi, I see that every new update comes in the No Valid Cards is still not fixed after all this time. I built a deck to counter Charizard ex in the ladder to the point that I can't fully play the deck because "No Valid Cards" from every search except Arceus VSTAR ability, the deck is a normal Arceus Giratina deck with Serperior V/Serperior VSTAR that you get for free. I tried switching to Shaymin V/Shaymin VSTAR with the Serperiors and Nest Ball worked fine until next turn I tried to search Arceus VSTAR with Ultra Ball to see "No Valid Cards" again. The other decks I built work fine, except Mew VMAX (I bought the Battle League Deck with Gems and code and fully competitive built it gives me "No Valid Cards" and Trekking Shoes floats in the air at the starting hand, freezing me from every move)

Is there a fix or have to wait another year for this to be fixed? I really can't play the same deck a lot of times because I like to play different decks and not feel stale playing the same deck and losing a lot against the same deck (charizard ex)