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Where are all of my cards from pokemon tcg?


hello i am a little late to the show as i have been in school and working a lot recently. to keep it short and sweet, i just figured out that i needed to play the live game now instead of tcg. i linked my old account and chose to migrate all my cards yet none of them are there. i got a bag of qr codes and lots of them still arent used. essentialy the game knows which ones i redeemed previously but cant find them in my cards list. i realize this is a problem some others have had to no avail. i would really hate if i could not use the thousands of dollars worth of cards i bought due to the fact that i have a whole seperate account also for my nephew with a considerable amount invested as well. i hate to say it but if i cant get these cards back or get reembursed somehow i will not be spending any more money with this company.

ps, ive seen others complaints for the same issue w/ the responce assuming that possibly they traded the cards. I personally didnt know that was a thing. either way you will be loosing a costumer whose been more than willing to spend money with this company

pps please nobody try to tell me how to find the cards in my editor as ive already tried all of that

thank you for your help everyone



  • Mod_Skrilla
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    Hello Trainer, I recommend you open a ticket with the support team for this instance. To do so, please visit https://support.pokemon.com/ and then click the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live link. From there click "Contact Us"

  • TechHog
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    Well, you explicitly refused help so... See ya

  • Ravenclawed1234
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    cards pre BW era aren't in the game, and cards pre Sun/Moon era aren't supported in expanded and thus will not appear in that filter.