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Fix the bug

Path to path shuts down mimikyu safeguard ability. Are the developers dumb? Arceus V attack went through.


  • Gruxile
    Gruxile Member Posts: 2
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    I mean path to peak, even the forum suck, can't even edit post.

  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,556
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    Path isn't bugged. POST THE LOG!!!!!!!

  • PachirisuFan1
    PachirisuFan1 Member Posts: 187
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    If path was played after the mimikyu was played then yes, that be a bug, as there's a ruling for it:

    Q: Say I played Mimikyu V and used its "Dummy Doll" Ability on my turn. Then on my opponent's next turn, they play a Path to the Peak stadium. Does that cancel the effect of "Dummy Doll"?

    A: Since the Dummy Doll Ability activated and placed an effect before Path to the Peak came into play, its effect remains.

    Source: TPCi Rules Team (2021-07-01)

    .....but without the battle log we don't know which order what card was played.