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Biggest Pokémon pet peeves

clasingla Member Posts: 1,011
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What is something that annoys or bothers you Pokémon related

mine is when people call mythical Pokemon legendarys


  • Michael629303
    Michael629303 Member Posts: 720
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    I kind of find it annoying when people say killed instead of fainted.

  • Acornyo
    Acornyo Member Posts: 638
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    Pokemon Pronunciations. The fact that Gligar is pronounced "Gl-eye-gar", but I've been pronouncing it "Gligger" my whole life is concerning.

    No wonder people in elementary school always looked at me weirdly after saying it.

  • Anuni7k
    Anuni7k Member Posts: 7
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    I get peeved about pronunciation or spelling but only really when the person hypes themself up to be a mega-fan or are making an in-depth analysis or well worked on fan project - the average fan or non-fan can get it wrong as much as they want there's way too many for most people to commit to memory haha

    I'm usually pretty chill about nit-picks and all that but there was one time where my roommate kept using a normal type move in a ghost type gym and called me while I was running errands to ask for help "but I am using a ghost type, the move just isn't working" like huh?! The game tells you the moves have different types! They tell you when it's supereffective or not in the newer games! You've been playing since Diamond/Pearl how did you not know that?! XD

  • FallenFurfrou
    FallenFurfrou Member Posts: 96
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    I find it annoying whenever they pluralize a Pokemon's name conventionally (like "Charizards sure are strong" instead of "Charizard sure are strong" or "two Eevees" instead of "two Eevee").

    However, it's not the case when I talk about more than one of a given Paradox. In which case, I say "bundles of Iron Bundles" instead of "bundles of Iron Bundle" or "the Iron Moths are invading" instead of "the Iron Moth are invading".

  • Kingmudkip11
    Kingmudkip11 Member Posts: 11
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    the pink water Pokemon shine scandal