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What do you think of this Gholdengo Deck? Any Tips?

HILOHILOHILO Member Posts: 8
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4 Gimmieghoul

4 Gholdengo

2 Palkia VStar

2 Palkia V

3 Superior Energy Retrieval

4 Energy Retrieval

1 Klara

4 Nest ball

4 Ultra Ball

2 Capturing Aroma

3 Arven

2 Bosses Order

1 Lady

2 Worker

1 Choice Belt

2 Trekking Shoes

1 Clive

3 Earthen Vessel

Choice belt for Girantina

Help edit my deck for Mimickyu counters plz

Thank You :)


  • JoshMackie
    JoshMackie Member Posts: 1
    First Comment

    Radiant Greninja is your friend in this situation.

  • Octowen
    Octowen Member Posts: 433 ✭✭✭
    5 Agrees 5 LOLs First Answer 5 Likes

    1) vs. Mimikyu you could add this guy:

    2) Consider adding TM evolution. You’re playing Arven so it would be easy to grab and turn 1 going second it could make for an epic G

  • nightblitz42
    nightblitz42 Member Posts: 59 ✭✭
    5 Likes 5 Agrees First Answer Name Dropper

    Either +2 Canceling Cologne, or +1 Cologne and +1 Radiant Greninja. Cologne is good not only because it shuts down Mimikyu but also because it disables the new Fluttering Mane from Temporal Forces. On top of that, if you use Radiant Greninja in the active, you can play Boss+Cologne to bring up the opponent's Manaphy and take 2 KOs.

  • SpiderX36068185
    SpiderX36068185 Member Posts: 40
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    This deck is very similar to my dads deck and he almost always wins so I have no tips. Good job!