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Your Psychic Gym and Pokemon

Michael629303 Member Posts: 567
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If you were a psychic type gym leader what would your gym be like and what would your pokemon be.

My team would consist of Beheeyem, Reuniclus, Rabsca, Musharna, Malamar, and Solrock or Lunatone depending on the game (or if were being more realistic the time of day). The challenge would be that you have to walk done a path that has invisible holes, that you are trying to avoid, in the ground that take you too the beginning.

This is the ninth installment in this series. The previous types that we have done include Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, and Flying. Make sure to go back and comment on those if you missed them!


  • clasingla
    clasingla Member Posts: 437
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    i would be the eighth gym leader my first encounter team would be beeheyem, meowstic, delphox, gardevoir, and bronzong my postgame team would add a level 100 victini because... i would be the regions villain leader which the player does not know until after beating the gym and a problem arises which after becoming the champion the player will head to the old observatory of this evil team which they have been to before to beat one of the admen's of the evil team the key to get into the hidden base is in fact the gym badge that was given to you where you discover the eighth gym leader is the villain and reveals the plan of using victini to increase his psychic pokemon to enchance their psychic powers to make everything in the pokemon world to turn upside down (Relating to his gym challenge) and to put everyone under a psychic trance which then you have to stop him

    the gym challenge would relate to the evil team leaders intentions being you have to go through a maze upside down with controls that switch between regular and inverse at random

  • Eremas
    Eremas Member Posts: 189
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    My Psychic Gym would have a new pokemon with an ability that made any priority move selected into it have no priority.

  • Acornyo
    Acornyo Member Posts: 558
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    I'd probably be a teacher at a school during the day, but at night, I'd be the Gym Leader of the Psychic Gym! It would be kind of like a giant school building, and you'd have to defeat the Pokemon in the halls to get to be able to challenge me.





    -Galarian Slowbro (Ace)

    -Mr. Rime

    After beating me, I'd give you not only the badge, but some super cool new features for your game, probably Synchro Mode.

  • DewyGooey
    DewyGooey Member Posts: 27
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    *Murmur* *Murmur*

    "Four trainers of incredible talent claim a special island, filled with incredibly rare Pokemon, gemstones of wealth, & ways to find...Mythical Pokemon!?"

    "WOAH! We ought to go there!"

    This one wouldn't exactly be a Gym Leader, or an Elite Four Member. Perhaps it would be an 'Island Owner'?

    Eh. This one should be one of the Island Owners. The laddie doesn't seem to be interested in a battle, as she's working on a portal in order for it to work. The contraption itself is set, but the items required aren't. With that, the Island Owner would ask you to get four Pokemon (Minior(Yellow) ,Xatu, Zoroark, & Gimmighoul,) and a white shard. This would lead you to the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa, in its Unbound Form as a boss. You'd have to beat this form in 5 minutes. If all of your Pokemon faint or let time pass, you'd be sent back to the lab, Don't worry, you'll still get your Pokemon back. The shard, however, would dissolve into dust, and you'd have to get another one.

    Once you beat the Pokemon, you'd get the chance to catch it, with a 100% chance of getting it. Then, the Island Owner would thank you. Only then, could you ask the lad for a Pokemon match. The Island Owner would have a Bronzong, a Starmie, a Slowking, a male Meowstic, a Mr. Rime, & a Hatterene. Once you beat the Island Owner, she'll just give you a mysterious tablet fragment with mysterious runes in it.

    Perhaps you wanted to rematch her. The lad would have her same exact team, but with higher levels and better held items.

    Perhaps you wanted more Mythical Pokemon. Those require different Pokemon, gems, & skill. The stuff below would tell you all about what Pokemon you'd need to get them.


    Pokemon: Minior (red), Ditto, Mewtwo, Porygon 2. Gem: Red. Time: 2:30. Special: Mew's Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, Accuracy, & Evasion is boosted sharply.


    Pokemon: Minior (green), Farfetch'd, Pichu, Blissey. Gem: Green. Time: 2:00. Special: Celebi has a 15% chance to flee every turn, even with items or abilities that prevent the Pokemon from fleeing.

    And I think that should be enough for now. This post would be too long If I continued.

  • dragonitebeam
    dragonitebeam Member Posts: 13
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    I would probably be a librarian in my free time, just hanging out in my library themed gym, reading books.

    My gym challenge would be that you have to run around the library, finding dropped books and delivering them to an Abra who would then teleport them to their correct spot. If you get in a trainer battle while navigating the labyrinth, there will be a noise meter that appears in the corner of your screen. If you exceed the noise meter with loud moves, then you will be ejected from the library and fail the gym challenge.

    When you finally get to me, it will be a single battle with my team being an Abra (to lure the challenger into a false sense of security), an Exeggutor, a Gallade, an Alakazam, and a tera Psychic Mettagross. For beating me, you will get an Abra, a TM for Psychic Noise, and 100 psychic tera shards.

    In postgame, my team will consist of one pokemon, a Level 100, maxed-out, Metagross. For beating me postgame, you get a shiny beldum and a shop consisting of special items that aren't commonly found will open. Also, you get a Platinum Library Card, allowing you to check out any number of books from my gym/library.