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I cannot STRESS ENOUGH how many times i have been in a TCG live match, (ranging usually 20-30mins), were im about to win, literally one click away, for my opponent to hack the game and give me a loss. Each and every time it tells me “You ran out of cards in your deck”, and each and every time i have about 20+ CARDS! This is honestly so distasteful to have wasted a portion of your life, one you’ll never get back, all because some lowlife is so bad at a game he needs to literally cheat to win. Jesus Christ whoever oversees this what are you getting paid for? Pls make this game safer.


  • UnovanZorua
    UnovanZorua Member Posts: 845
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    Wrong category, go to the home section, scroll down a little, and then press the TCG LIVE section.

  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,456
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    Yeah, post on the correct section with actual exact details and screenshots. It's probably not hacking.