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Features you want to bring back

Michael629303 Member Posts: 567
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I was wondering what features people miss and want back. For me I want back diving like in pokemon sapphire and the pokemon care you could do in ultra sun.


  • Acornyo
    Acornyo Member Posts: 558
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    Pokemon Camp. I wished it was the same thing but with sandwiches instead of curry. The camera view was perfect, and the graphics were very fluid. Also, the photo quality was amazing.

  • UnovanZorua
    UnovanZorua Member Posts: 845
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    Pokéstar Studios, Mantine Surfing, GOOD Secret Bases (BDSP is not real BDSP is not real why did they make secret bases bad why why), Musicals, PR videos, Contests (ORAS version because I'm not good at the old ones), Pokéathlon, the Alola Photo club, Ultra Wormholes, Join Avenue

    Just everything because these are the best parts of the games imo. It's why I dislike SV (Ogre Oustin was boring and DLC only, Sandwiches can be funny but aren't even as good as Curry).

  • Eremas
    Eremas Member Posts: 189
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    Ideally super training and the berry farm on poképelagio

  • Jirarudan
    Jirarudan Member Posts: 65
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    Fame Checker from FRLG, shiny chime from PLA

  • Hydreigon42
    Hydreigon42 Member Posts: 5
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    overworld sparkles for shiny like in legends arceus, secret bases, something like dynamax adventures to get legends and easy shinies, battle frontier (cool alternate themed battles like the dojo in swsh are cool too that was actually one i really wanted a monotype challenge)(i want it to be like emerald battle frontier), EV training minigame from xy (was very convenient and didnt take a long time like the swsh and sumo ones)

    for tcg the only things are the legends cards from hgss bc the cool art, and the delta species (i guess terra type change is close enough but still )

  • Michael629303
    Michael629303 Member Posts: 567
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    Another thing I would like to bring back is more double team battle and pokemon that jump out in packs.

  • DJ_dino2thebone
    DJ_dino2thebone Member Posts: 15
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    I think a cool thing to bring back would be a dynamic adventures type thing. It really adds more playability to the game because even though you're doing the same thing, each run is different and some can be challenging while others can be very easy.

  • Mod_Skrilla
    Mod_Skrilla Moderator Posts: 226
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    Hello Trainers, Thank you for your feedback! Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.