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Which Pokémon from each generation stood out to you?

YagoFuecoco Member Posts: 149
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The Pokémon from each generation stood out to me the most:

Kanto: Bulbasaur, Eevee and Vulpix, Bulbasaur stood out to me the most because he's like, my first Pokémon and best friend, in addition to the good memories in the Pokémon games in Kanto and even in the Pokémon X and Y games, Eevee, the Eeveelotions stand out to me a lot, Vulpix, another special Pokémon

Johto: Cyndaquil, Mareep and Teddiursa, There are three Pokémon that, for me, make the Johto region comfortable, in addition to the soundtrack of the Johto games, Cyndaquil, a great Pokémon to hug on a cold day, Mareep, a good Pokémon for sleep with it on quiet nights and Teddiursa, a very cute Pokémon to also enjoy sleeping on quiet nights

Hoenn: Altaria, an incredible Pokémon that always reminds me of the wonders of Hoenn

Sinnoh: Piplup and Lucario, Piplup, a very important Pokémon for me, the memories of Sinnoh, in the TCG and in the Spin-off games and even in the Pokémon anime, Lucario, the movie Lucario and the mystery of Mew

Unova: I really, in this part, want to say how special Unova is to me, the Pokémon from Unova that marked me the most were Oshawott, Victini, Zorua and Cubchoo, Oshawott, a special Pokémon for me, like my best friend, my partner in Unova, and also, for my special memories in the game PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, Zorua exactly because of the movie Zoroark Master of Illusions, this is one of my favorite Pokémon movies, and also because of the special Pokémon: The Hisuian Snow, which I love, Zorua is a very special Pokémon for me, Victini for his film with two incredible versions and his emotional story in the film and Cubchoo, exactly a Pokémon that also makes Unova a comfortable region as well as Johto, a Pokémon great for camping and even having it at night, as well as being a cute Pokémon

Kalos: Fennekin, Just like Bulbasaur, Oshawott, Fuecoco, Zorua and Piplup, Fennekin is another Pokémon that really impacted my life, my memories in Pokémon Y and Pokémon X, Pokémon Unite, Pokémon TCG and also, and also, my first favorite Fire-type Starter Pokémon besides Fuecoco and Cyndaquil, besides Kalos being comfortable thanks to this Pokémon that I love very much

Alola: Rowlet e Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet in the Pokémon anime, the game Sun and Moon, Hisui's grass-type starter and memories in the TCG, Alolan Vulpix, Exactly because of the memories with her in the anime, games, TCG and even her cuteness

Galar: Yamper, My favorite dog Pokémon, the one that marked me the most, he's very cute, has the typing I like most, the Electric type, and a Pokémon that makes Galar another comfortable Pokémon region

Paldea: Fuecoco, Fuecoco is very special too, very cute, funny and happy, I can't be sad about this very lovable Pokémon, this Pokémon has had a big impact on my life, and also, a perfect Pokémon for camping also, he also wins in his silly and cute way


  • UnovanZorua
    UnovanZorua Member Posts: 845
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    Kanto: Wartortle and Squirtle (they were my favourites when I was younger), Jolteon, and Mew and Mewtwo.

    Johto: Possibly Celebi and Lugia.

    Hoenn: the Mudkip and Ralts lines, and Rayquaza.

    Sinnoh: Lucario, Garchomp, and Chatot.

    Unova: Zorua, Lilligant, Seismitoad, Volcarona, and Snivy

    Kalos: the Fennekin line, Hoopa, Sylveon, and Espurr.

  • UnovanZorua
    UnovanZorua Member Posts: 845
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    Oops forgot three regions somehow

    Alola: Litten, Cosmog, and Raichu

    Galar: Scorbunny and Sobble, and Zarude (I loved the movie).

    Paldea: Meowscarada, Ogerpon, and Ceruledge/Armarouge

  • Acornyo
    Acornyo Member Posts: 558
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    Kanto: Dragonite evolution line. The OG dragon types.

    Johto: Ampharos. Just because, I guess.

    Hoenn: Wailord. He's really big, and the bigger the better.

    Sinnoh: Buizel. It my favorite Pokemon when I was real little, and it always popped up in the anime.

    Unova: Cubchoo. I have allergies, so my nose is always runny. It feels nice seeing such a cute Pokemon with the same quality.

    Kalos: Chespin. I dunno why, really.

    Alola: Popplio. One of the first in-game Pokemon I've ever seen, and also from the first Pokemon Game I saw gameplay of. Also my favorite Pokemon.

    Galar: Blipbug. He's one of the cutest bug-types, and evolves into Dottler, who is also cool.

    Paldea: Dachsbun and Clodsire. These guys have carried my team through multiple gyms, and are also good bois.

  • YagoFuecoco
    YagoFuecoco Member Posts: 149
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    I also love Fennekin, one of my favorite Pokémon and a Pokémon that left a lasting impression on me.

  • ward0009
    ward0009 Member Posts: 2
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    Kanto: Mewtwo - favourite of all Pokemon, remember playing Red back in the day really excited to get him at the end.

    Johto: Steelix - I mean.. Onix was boss before, but then he got a swish looking evolved form!

    Hoenn: Gardevoir - Because it's one of my favourite TCG battle cards, specifically the one which has an ability to make all psychic energy on your team act as x2 energies; so sit it on your bench and watch your Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX drop bombs.

    Sinnoh: Rotom - Just an awesome pokemon, the basic version (not bothered about the appliance variants..).

    Unova: Zorua - Nice cute, but dark design.

    Kalos: Zygarde - Great design, don't particular like many from the set though.

    Alola: Dhelmize - Great design, one of my favourites when I first saw that appear in the Sun & Moon game. Oricorio is worth a mention though, find them amusing.

    Galar: Eternatus - what a boss design, I love this one. Although there are quite a few cool looking designs in this set (Corviknight, Zacian, Dragapult and Centiskorch at least are worth a mention).

    Paldea: Cyclizar - probably my least favourite generation of Pokemon, but Cyclizar's design and concept was impressive.

  • Michael629303
    Michael629303 Member Posts: 567
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    kanto: vitreebel, nidoking, and beedril

    johto: politoed, and lanturn

    hoenn: nincada line, wailord, cradylily, armaldo, castform, huntail, relicanth

    sinnoh: torterra, empoleon, cherrim, drifblim, electivire, yanmega, leafeon, gliscor, porygon-z, rotom

    unova: serperior, emboar, gigalith, sewaddle, cofagrigus, sawsbuck, cinccino, reuniclus, galvantula, beheeyem, hydreigon

    kolos: chesnaught, greninja, vivillon, pangoro, tyrantrum, aurorus, trevenant, avalugg, noivern, yveltal, zygarde, hoopa

    alola: all three starters, midnight form lycanroc, palossand, minior, kommo-o, tapu bulu, solgeleo, kartana, necrozma, magearna, stakataka, melmetal.

    galar: sobble, rillaboom, boltund, flapple, amped toxtricty, cursola, runerigus, alcremie, glastrier

    paldea: skeledirge, garganacl, rabsca, orthworm, tatsugiri, annihilape

    as you can see I have a lot a favorites in gen 4-7

  • DJ_dino2thebone
    DJ_dino2thebone Member Posts: 15
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    Kanto: eevee, slowpoke, hypno and lickitung. Do I even need an explanation for eevee? I think Hypno's design is really cool, and I've always just had a soft spot for lickitung. I also just really like slowpoke.

    Johto: Furret, smeargle and delibird. I just love their designs

    Hoenn: spinda, castform, keckleon, shedinja, plusle and minun. I like how almost every sponda is different, I love castform's different forms, I like how shedinja is just a husk, and I love duo pokemon. For keckleon I just really love chameleons

    Sinnoh: lopunny, rotom, phione, spiky ear pichu, darkria and spiritomb. I think lopunny and phione are really cute. I like how unique spiky ear pichu is, and I just like darkrai and spiritomb's concepts.

    Unova: reuniclus, meloetta, keldeo, swadloon, lilligant, cryagonal, meinshao and the whole scolipede line. I think keldeo, cryagonal, reuniclus, meinshao and the scolipede line are really cool and I think lilligant, meloetta and swadloon are cute

    Kalos: furfrou, braixen, phantump, skrelp, meowstic, spewpa, sligoo and aegislash. I like furfrous customization, braixens design, I think aegislash is cool, and I think the others are cute.

    Alola: komala, wishiwashi, brionne, pyukumuku, alolan raichu, mimikyu, alolan vulpix and ninetales, minior, magearna, lycanroc and marshadow. I think komala, wishiwashi, brionne, alolan raichu, pyukumuku, mimikyu, alolan ninetales and vulpix are cute, and I think the others are cool.

    Galar: the sobble line, the fossils, eiscue, clobbopus, galarian slowpoke and falinks. Sobble was the first actual starter choice I got, so that holds a place in my heart, I thought the galar fossils were funny, and the others I like for no reason in particular.

    Hisui: hisuian lilligant and the hisuian zorua line. I think they're just pretty cool.

    Paldea, Kitakami and Blueberry academy: I like the sprigatito line, tinkaton, palafin, ceruledge, annihilape, iron valiant, clodsire, ogerpon, blood moon ursuluna, I think terapagos looks pretty cool, and if it happens I think the dokutaro pokemon will be cool. I like most of these because they're cool, but I think coldsire and the dlc legendaries are cute.

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 845
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    Kanto: Bulbasaur, Raich, Wigglytuff and Dragonite.

    Johto: Totodile, Furret, Ledyba, Politoed, Wooper, and Delibird.

    Hoenn: Mudkip, Poocheyena, Mightyena, Zigzaggoon, Beautifly, Gardevoir, Breloom, Whiscash.

    Sinnoh: Monferno, Piplup, Bidoof & Bibarel, Shellos, Hippowdon, Giratina.

    Unova: Tepig, Simisage, Gigalith, Drilbur, Whimsicott, Minccino, Gothitelle, Emolga, Chandelure, Druddigon, and Terrakion.

    Kalos: Chespin, Spritzee, Tyrunt & Tyrantrum, the entire Goomy line, Trevenant and Noivern.

    Alola: Decidueye, Pikipek, Yungoos, Charjabug, Stufful, Kommo-o, Zeraora and Meltan.

    Galar: Sobble & Inteleon, Greedent, Cramorant, Centiskorch, Obstagoon, Eiscue, Duraludon, Dragapult, Urshifu, Regidrago and Glastrier.

    Hisui: Ursaluna.

    Paldea: Sprigatito & Meowscarada & Fuecoco & Quaxly, Lechonk, Tandemaus & Maushold, Bellibolt, Bombirdier, Greavard, Clodsire, Scream Tail, Iron Bundle, Iron Thorns, Gholdengo, Ting-Lu, and Iron Valiant.

  • SmartAlakazam
    SmartAlakazam Member Posts: 339
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    Kanto: Mew/Bulbasaur

    Johto: Ampharos

    Hoenn: Gardevoir

    Sinnoh: Garchomp and Gallade

    Unova: Reshiram

    Kalos: Yveltal (I have one in Pokemon Go named Birdy)

    Alola: Ninetales (alolan form, if that wasn’t obvious) and Solgaleo (my fave legendary)

    Galar the Scorbunny line

    Paldea: the Sprigatito line (as I’ve said elsewhere, I LOVE CATS)