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Website Nostalgia

mokustar Member Posts: 1

Does anyone remember back in 2012 or so when the website had pixel art avatars and poke coins that you could earn from playing games? I remember I played enough to earn my avatar a pikachu hoodie and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I also remember there used to be a bunch of games for kids similar to club penguin games or webkinz games. I appreciate Pokemon for updating the site to what it is now, but for nostalgia reasons I really wish I could go back and just revisit the old version of this site :( I just remember thinking it was so cool and now it's all different,,

Theses are screenshots from a YouTube video by Lilly Mix


  • TheJeffers
    TheJeffers Member Posts: 281
    100 Agrees 100 Comments 25 LOLs 5 Answers

    I wish the games and other apps had more interactivity on the website in general. There was a time you could sync your game with the website and access features.

    Imagine if you could access and edit your Home boxes via the website. Imagine if you could see your badges, Pokédex completion and competitive rankings.

    No time for that in this interconnected age anymore. I guess when you have to pump out three games in the span of one year, there is no time to build and test the extra frills.

  • lillie_trash
    lillie_trash Member Posts: 29
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    i forgot about that those were awesome!

  • Acornyo
    Acornyo Member Posts: 299
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    Bro I remember the games, and when they seemingly disappeared from everybody. They should have kept the old games and made new ones, too, since then they would have more internet traffic. RIP The Fun Zone and that one Emolga game.

  • Dipplin63
    Dipplin63 Member Posts: 5
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    I wasn't around back then, but it looks really cool. I wish I would have been around back then.

  • Pokeplay219
    Pokeplay219 Member Posts: 32
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    I remember there was this one Delphox game where you had to move a board to deflect fireballs to earn points. I played that game for hours and I wish they would bring it back.

  • PinkYoshiFan
    PinkYoshiFan Member Posts: 39
    10 Comments 5 Agrees 5 Likes Photogenic

    I wasn't into pokemon then, but I wonder if any games from that time period used Flash and are therefore probably unusable now? (There are Flash emulators but they aren't perfect)