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Is Furfrou ever going to appear on any Nintendo Switch game?

FallenFurfrou Member Posts: 37
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There are 9 Pokemon left that have not appeared in any HOME-compatible Switch game to date: Patrat, Watchog, Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, Simipour, and Furfrou. Of those Pokemon, Panpour and Simipour are the only ones who have appeared on any Switch game at all thus far (they are wild spawns in at least one stadium in Pokemon Unite). I feel convinced that The Pokemon Company will release just one more wave of mainline Switch games, which I suspect to be Unova remakes or revisits of some kind.

And that leaves Furfrou. I prayed for it to appear in those hypothetical Gen V revisits, but those chances are lower than 0%.

Which is why I ask you this: Is Furfrou ever going to appear in a Nintendo Switch game of any kind? Or is The Pokemon Company going to quietly discontinue it (if they didn't do so already)?

Best Answers

  • TheJeffers
    TheJeffers Member Posts: 281
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    The more Pokémon with no compatible game with which to store them offline, the more people they can charge for Home subscriptions.

    Just a thought...

  • Dipplin63
    Dipplin63 Member Posts: 5
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    #3 Answer ✓

    You're right. Furfrou needs to be on an switch game. You have to depend on the GTS to get all the Furfrou forms if you don't have them.

  • CoalMiner26
    CoalMiner26 Member Posts: 33
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    #4 Answer ✓

    I think Pokemon wants us to think "What's Furfrou?" instead of "Where's Furfrou?"

  • UnovanZorua
    UnovanZorua Member Posts: 434
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    #5 Answer ✓

    I really liked Furfrou (especially that one style that makes me think of Lillie).

    I hope it returns eventually, they managed to return Vivillon after all (btw did you know that you're supposed to say its name as Viviyon?)