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Version 1.2.0 - Patch Notes

TPCi_CursedSoup Administrator Posts: 256 admin
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Hello everyone.

The Pokémon TCG Live game client will be updated on September 8th. The game will be offline starting at 8 AM PDT and is estimated to be down for 8 hours. Please see below for the list of changes:


  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: Lost Origins expansion releasing on 09/08/2022.


  • Cyrus {*} (UPR #120) can no longer be played to no effect when there are fewer than 3 Pokémon on the opponent's Bench.
  • Manectric (CES #52): The Electric Start Ability now allows the player going second to place this Pokémon as their Active or Benched Pokémon while setting up to play.
  • Raihan (EVS #152): This card can now be played if the Pokémon that was Knocked Out was subsequently moved out of the discard pile.
  • Failure message now shows during card reveal if no cards are revealed.
  • Sound effects based on damage amount and Energy type have been added to attacks.
  • A bug that occasionally caused crashing on the opponent's first turn on Android devices has been fixed.
  • Certain Pokémon Abilities no longer activate when their attached Pokémon Tool is moved.
  • A rare soft lock that occurred when taking the last Prize card has been fixed.
  • An issue where certain attacks that block {GX} attacks can block all attacks has been fixed.


  • Avatar catchphrases now scroll to currently equipped option.
  • The "Swap Avatar" button has been updated to have the whole button interactable.
  • The Confirm Exchange popup no longer causes the zoom icon to disappear.
  • The correct title is now displayed for the "Light Blue Shirt" for the female avatar.

Battle Pass

  • Text for Pokémon and global status conditions have been updated to no longer be in all caps.
  • Lock icon image no longer shows a white square background when unlocking tiers through currency.


  • Janine (UBB #176): The prompt for the card effect has been corrected from "Pokémon" to "cards."
  • Sylveon (BSP #SWSH211): The Time Out Kick attack no longer proceeds to Energy removal when opponent has protection effects in play.
  • Banette (CES #065): The Enemy Show attack no longer places an incorrect number of damage counters when using automatic selections.
  • Banette (CES #065): The Enemy Show attack now places the correct number of remaining damage counters when using automatic selection after placing at least 1 damage counter.
  • Machoke (GRI #64): The "Daunting Pose" Ability no longer shows placeholder text.
  • Alolan Geodude (GRI #40): The Rock Polish attack no longer applies Retreat Cost instantly when used.
  • Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff-GX (CEC #12): The Supreme Puff-GX attack will activate its effect when there is an additional 14 Fairy Energy attached in addition to the attack cost.
  • Venomoth-GX (UNB #12): The Shinobi Mastery attack now displays the correct Positive Effect entry when the attack's effect is active.
  • Malamar (CRE #070): The card animation during the revealed card menu no longer clips through other UI.
  • Certain cards with status effects that happen "during your next turn" have been updated so they no longer apply the effect immediately after use.
  • Certain Expanded cards have been updated to now count Energy cards instead of Energy provided.
  • Gyarados (DRM #020): The Commotion Ability now activates under valid conditions.
  • Cutiefly (SUM #093): The Fly Around attack is now properly titled on the attack card view.
  • Treasure Energy (EVS #165) and Jirachi (CES #097) have been updated to now only activate their effects when taken during the user's turn.
  • Shining Genesect (SLG #009): The "Done" button no longer appears when using the Energy Reload Ability.
  • Rhydon (UNB #094): After playing Giovanni's Exile (UNB #174), the Dirty Work attack now correctly discards five cards from the top of the opponent's deck.
  • User is only prompted to discard Energy when there are valid Energy to discard for certain attacks.
  • Shining Genesect (SLG #009): The Energy Reload Ability can now move Grass Energy attached to the Active Pokémon.
  • Giratina (BSP #SM151): The Distortion Door Ability can no longer be used to put this Pokémon onto a full Bench.
  • Xerneas (LOT #144): The Path of Life Ability activation can now be declined.
  • Charjabug (UNB #058): The Battery Ability message has been updated to show the correct number of attachment targets.
  • Jumpluff (EVS #004): The Fluffy Barrage Ability no longer prompts to attack again if no actions are available after the first attack.
  • Flareon (VIV #026): The Incandescent Awakening Ability no longer blocks Abilities of cards when evolving into Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Diggersby (RCL #147): The Mining Rush attack damage range has been fixed to display the correct damage values for the range.
  • Clefable (DAA #075)'s Prankish Ability and Nita (TEU #151) now display the correct prompt for choosing a card to put on top of the deck.

Code Card Redemption

  • Code card redemption for the Melmetal V Deck now grants the correct product.

Deck Manager/Editor

  • The "Exchange" button now displays an Invalid Icon when extra not owned copies are in a deck.
  • Filter indicator in the Deck Editor is now only active when filters are applied.
  • The "Currently Showing" popup now displays the correct deck accessory names in the description when being previewed.
  • The close button in Deck Accessories has been updated to match style on other screens.
  • On the mobile client, various visual issues have been fixed in the Full Card Overlay menu.
  • The Deck Manager header has been updated to stay within bounds when text is two lines.
  • On the desktop client, card library search has been updated to show empty search messages when no results are found.
  • The left and right arrows on the Add/Remove Overlay have been updated for better alignment.
  • On the desktop client, Pokémon, Trainers, and Energy tabs in the Deck Editor now display correct highlighting behavior.


  • Prize cards discarded by Billowing Smoke no longer count toward the taken Prize card count.
  • An issue where certain cards ask the player to choose 2 Energy cards instead of 1 has been fixed.
  • Effects that allow a Pokémon to evolve immediately, such as Adaptive Evolution, no longer override timing restrictions on certain Evolution effects, such as Rare Candy.
  • Hexagons no longer appear under cards on the board when players interact with them.
  • Card attachment animations have been updated to be consistent.
  • On the mobile client, the Prize card reveal flow has been updated to fit all cards revealed on the screen when two or more Prize cards are claimed.
  • An animation error that appeared when attaching cards to Pokémon under certain conditions has been resolved.
  • On the mobile client, the Stack Card Overlay has been updated to make Pokémon names visible.
  • Prize card count text now resizes for double digits in the Battle Info Overlay.
  • An issue where card slots were overlapping when copying a search action under certain circumstances no longer occurs.
  • When the player uses an attack that does damage to 2 or more Pokémon, and the number of possible targets is less than or equal to that number, auto selection now works correctly.
  • The Lost Zone scroll list is now scrollable.
  • Offline AI has been updated to prioritize using Special Energy.
  • The card back no longer flashes briefly when selecting a card from the hand for investigation.
  • Certain cards that bring Pokémon into play no longer bypass effects that prevent them from being brought in.


  • Text in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy now fit within the bounds of the UI during the consent flow.
  • In-game settings menu now fits within the screen on thin devices.
  • Unnecessary scroll bars removed across the app.
  • The Rewards overlay no longer closes when selecting main controller tab and can navigate the app without being affected by previous behavior.
  • On the desktop client, art on the Privacy Notice and Terms of Service page has been updated.
  • Inbox messages visuals have been updated.
  • On the desktop client, an issue that prevented the user from returning to the home screen after a battle has been fixed.
  • On the iPad, the volume sliders in the settings menu are now properly aligned.
  • On the mobile client, the notification dot for Overflow Menu Button is now removed after player views all inbox messages.


  • On a notched device, the "STANDARD MATCH" banner is aligned vertically in the correct position when selecting a deck when challenging a Friend.


  • On the mobile client, users are no longer erroneously navigated to the Match Settings overlay when going through the profile menu.
  • Visuals have been adjusted to clarify online and offline friends.
  • Player profile names have been updated to no longer be in all caps.
  • Pose and catchphrase categories have been updated to Versus/Victory for consistency.

Quests/Player Progression

  • User now receives the correct amount of XP for cards played during all stages of the match. 


  • Trainer's Toolkit now only appears once in the all bundles tab.
  • On the mobile client, the selection marker position in the Expansion Gallery has been updated.
  • Items in the All Bundles shop gallery have been updated to be centered.
  • On the desktop client during item collection, the green Collect Item VFX has been updated to fill out the bottom of the client.


  • On the mobile client, the back button in the Avatar Customization portion of the tutorial is now disabled.
  • The Professor's Tooltip for Credits has been updated for more accuracy.
  • Visual effects now trigger when the Professor's cards are flipped in the tutorial.

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