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Reversal energy glitch?!?!?! >=[

Ran into this bug back to back. first game was when i attached a reversal energy onto my shining arcana gardevoir when i was behind on the prize race and it completely froze my turn. I timed out and went to my opponents turn. Next reversal energy bug is weird and it should not have benefited my opponent but it did. Opponent has the new luxray in active with a reversal energy attached and he is behind on the prize race. I played temple of sinoh to shut off reversal energy and my turn froze AGAIN!

Theses glitches are ridiculous and have been known since the release of scarlet and violet yet they still havent fixed this when its probably the most popular deck right now and having tcg live for public release...


  • OGfattySnorlax
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    Tried using the Reversal Energy with Stage 1 Lucario and Aura Sphere Volley on PTCGL. Attack is 60 HP for every Fighting Energy discarded + 10 HP. When activated the game is only counting it as 1 Fighting energy. I think there's an error but couldn't find anything online. Also tried just attaching 1 Reversal Energy and nothing else. It let me attack (attack cost is at least 2 Fighting Energy) but the attack output was only 70 HP and not 190 HP like I was expecting. Weird....

  • TechHog
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    Not a bug. It says the damage is for each card you discarded, not each energy.