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missing 13k cards

I had over 13k cards. They are only showing me 99 of them. That is not even 10% and a bunch of them are not even mine. There is a lot of time and money in these cards how can they take them all? I get I only get to keep 4 of each one but I did not hardly get any. Most of them were newer and past xy


  • Dracula008
    Dracula008 Member Posts: 31
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    Black & White and X & Y cards should have been successfully imported, they just aren't supported in expanded yet.

    If you import a deck with these cards, you will see that they are in your collection.

    HG & SS cards are not compatible with the new game.

  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 1,980
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    You have to set the filter to show all cards, not Expanded. Cards from before Sun and Moon aren't playable yet.

    In addition, card arts are stacked together and the number shown only shows individual cards. So, on PTCGO if you had 4 copies each of Professor's Research for Magnolia, Juniper and Rowan, that would show up as 12 cards while on Live it would count as just one card in search results.

    Finally, all of your HGSS-era cards are just gone for good.

  • grriffinn
    grriffinn Member Posts: 52
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    Did you go to the deck manager, select the create-a-deck option (or the edit deck option on one of your decks), tap the card library’s filter button, and switch the format option from “Standard” to “All” already?

    Also, by “past XY” do you mean they’re past XY base set or past the XY era (XY-through-Evolutions)?

    If any of those suggestions don’t solve the issue then I’d file a ticket on Pokemon’s Support page.