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Palafin still not playable


I appreciate the work the TCG Live programmers have done to fix Palafin's bugs: Palafin TWM 60 has worked for me a few times. However, Palafin ex is frequently disabled when it has been switched to the bench and back into active position, and this, of course, makes it useless. The Palafin deck is still not playable.


  • DoubleCure
    DoubleCure Member Posts: 548 ✭✭✭✭
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    Really? I haven't test it after the latest fix...

    Well in the patch notes they only mention the "Palafin (TWM #060)" maybe they forgot to take a look at the "Palafin ex" too 😆

    That being true this Palafin deck it's getting to a point beyond embarrassing...

  • Walrus58
    Walrus58 Member Posts: 9
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    Actually I think it may be okay. I'll write again if not.

  • Mod_Bee
    Mod_Bee Moderator Posts: 247 mod
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    If the issue persists, @Walrus58, our Support Team is available to assist.