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Absolutely nothing transferred during migration


So I've just joined TCG Live, but I've been playing TCG Online for years. I've been out of playing for a while, but I've finally decided to try out the updated TCG game. Upon logging in, it gave me the option to migrate my data. I assumed this included my card collection, my redeemed decks, my accessories, etc.

However upon completing that step, and after going through the tutorial, I realise that absolutely nothing has transferred. This is obviously frustrating. I understand that older generations are not available in TCG Live and won't be transferred, but I assumed that everything that could be transferred would be transferred, but it didn't.

To make things worse, regarding the redeemed decks, I've bought official structure decks and have redeemed the codes to add them to TCG Online. Obviously they did not transfer when I migrated, but every time I try to redeem the code again, it says that "This code has already been redeemed by a different account". That different account is obviously my Online account, which I thought was migrated into my Live account, so for the game to treat my Online account like it's still separate to my Live account, this is beyond frustrating.

I've already submitted a ticket to Support regarding this, although the automatic reply I got doesn't give me any confidence. The in-game settings seem very limited too. Is there anything else that can be done to fix this issue? Or should I just quit while I'm ahead?

Needless to say, if this can't be resolved, I'm never returning to the game again.


  • brezzy666
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    I'm not seeing a delete option so I might as well explain my resolution.

    The majority of my cards were under the Expanded list, not the Standard list. Pretty much all of my cards are there. I still have to rebuild the decks, and not every accessory transferred, but this was definitely me over-exaggerating over a situation I clearly didn't fully understand.

    This was my own mistake, I apologise to anyone wasting their time reading this.

  • Ravenclawed1234
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    Yeah, Live does that, they should really tell you exactly what migrates and where you can find them.