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Trading? Og EX cards?


Will trading be back? If it is in the new version, please let me know where can you trade. If not, please add trading back. Btw, your game is awesome. And, please add old EX cards back. Thank you. <3

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  • nightblitz42
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    I'm doubtful that trading will come back, because Pokemon Live already has its gem crafting system that performs a similar function. (If you would get more than 4 copies of a card you get gems instead, and you can spend gems on any card of your choosing.)

    As for ex-Pokemon, I don't even think they've added all the cards from Sun/Moon era yet, so we're definitely a long way away from those...

    If it's any consolation, the upcoming Pokemon Pocket trading card app is going to feature older card artworks on brand new cards, so it's entirely possible for an old Pokemon-ex card to show up within that game in some form or another. Something to look forward to maybe.


  • SofiaSofie
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    The fact that i tought that the message i sent was gonna go to the devs, but instead it got here lol-