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POGO Charizard Energy Value bug

Occasionally encounter a bug where the incorrect energy values are applied to energy when discarding for retreat or attack when the Pokemon Go set Charizard is in play (Each fire energy counts as 2 fire energy.)

For example, when using 151 Charizard with Pogo Charizard on bench, 151 Charizard is allowed to use Explosive Vortex with 2 fire energy attached, meeting the 4 energy requirement. But when required to discard 3 energy for the attack, both energy are required to be discarded, but the "Done" button does not light up and is not clickable, as the game must not be interpreting it as enough energy to meet the discard requirement of the attack.

I should also clarify: I have played with this deck a good amount and done this combo plenty of times. When choosing to select 2 energy to discard (counting as 4) the game tells me "You have selected more energy than is required. Is this okay?" And the game can continue. I have also experienced this with retreating, but less commonly.


  • Mod_Bee
    Mod_Bee Moderator Posts: 172
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    Hello, I recommend opening a ticket with the support team. You can do so by visiting https://support.pokemon.com/ then click the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live link. From there click "Contact Us" Thanks!

  • PachirisuFan1
    PachirisuFan1 Member Posts: 187
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    well. you can't discard half a card so i think that other than the message being annoying it's working as intended.