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Version - Patch Notes

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Update Date/Time

2024-3-12 at 00:00

Post-Update Version


Update Details

  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes

If the app has not been updated on your device, please restart the app to apply this update.

While the game is updating, you may not be able to connect to the server. If this occurs, please try again later.

Battle Updates

Changes have been made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance of Unite Battles.



At level 6, learning Ice Shard and stacking crystals fast made Icicle Spear and Icy Wind too powerful. Ice Shard’s attack speed buff has been nerfed so that it takes longer to gain crystals. Icicle Spear+ was too powerful, dealing serious damage despite being a sure-hit move. The damage based on HP has been nerfed so that defense-type Pokémon will take less damage from it.

Ice Shard

  • Basic attack speed increase: 75% → 60%

Icicle Spear+

  • Damage based on HP per spear: 1% → 0.5%


The synergy between Umbreon's high durability and Snarl's ability reduction made it almost impossible to KO. Snarl's ability reduction amount has been nerfed. Mean Look was a low-risk and high-return move from a distance, so the range and cooldown have been nerfed.


  • Attack and Sp. Atk reduction ratio: 25% decrease

Mean Look

  • Range: 5m → 4m
  • Cooldown: 8s → 9s


Snipe Shots from skilled trainers with high accuracy were too powerful, making Inteleon one of the best Pokémon in the tournament scene. Snipe Shot’s damage has been nerfed to reduce its influence in the mid-game.

Snipe Shot 

  • Damage: 10% to 7% decrease (Level 5 to 15)


In draft mode, Clefable tends to either be banned or selected, which leads to few team comps. This was due to the healing from Moonlight and Gravity, making it challenging to approach Clefable and KO. Therefore, Moonlight and Gravity have been nerfed.


  • Healing amount: 10% to 17% decrease (Level 4 to 15)


  • Cooldown: 8s → 9s


Charge Beam has been nerfed since it was dealing serious damage from a safe distance. Thunder has been nerfed since it was difficult to run out of the thundercloud due to the high movement speed decrease. 

Charge Beam

  • Damage: 13% to 16% decrease (Level 5 to 15)


  • Cooldown: 8s → 10s
  • Movement speed decrease: 30% → 10%


  • Movement speed decrease: 50% → 20%

Scizor / Scyther

Despite the sharp rise in attack from Swords Dance, the attack status increase on Aeos Island was modest. Therefore, Swords Dance has been buffed. The damage of Dual Wingbeat is buffed due to the lack of damage. Boosted attack is buffed to allow Scyther to stick to their opponents.

Swords Dance

  • Attack status increase: 12% → 20%

Double Hit

  • Damage: increased by 10%

Boosted Attack (Scyther)

  • Movement speed increase: 35% → 40%
  • Movement speed increase duration: 2s →3s


Muscle Band has long been one of Charizard's best items. However, due to the changes in the last update, the number of Muscle Band activations per single basic attack has decreased, reducing Charizard's main damage source. Basic attack damage has been buffed to compensate for this change.

Basic Attack

  • Damage: increased by 12%


Due to previous bug fixes, Greedent became unable to shoot seeds while stunned. As this has led to a struggle in terms of win rate, Bullet Seed damage has been buffed.

Bullet Seed

  • Damage: increased by 15%

Muscle Band 

  • Fixed the issue with Scyther’s boosted attack activating Muscle Band twice.
  • Fixed the issue with Hoopa Unbound's basic attack, which only activated Muscle Band once when it hit a single Pokémon.
  • We are planning to fix several other issues for Muscle Band in the future.


  • Fixed the issue with Gengar's Will-o-Wisp not reducing the cooldown for Hex.
  • Fixed the issue with Leafeon, which could use a basic attack immediately after the Aerial Ace empowered basic attack.
  • Fixed the issue with Trevenant’s Horn Leech missing the final knock-up.
  • Fixed the issue with Blaziken’s Overheat changing direction while charging.
  • Fixed the issue with the low volume of sound effects for Pokémon moves.

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