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Can Someone Help Me With My Deck?

Poke_Bowl95 Member Posts: 1

How I'm playing this deck is I use Mimikyu and Mr. Mime as a wall and then I use Alakazam to beat down the opponent's pokemon while Alakazam for the most part is safely on my bench wrecking havoc. I've noticed sometimes it becomes hard to get the pieces I need to set it up. I would like to add another Mimikyu, Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam in my deck to elevate that problem. But as of right now I don't have another Alakazam or Mimikyu; so I chose against adding the others for the ultra ball and other trainers. Which I thought would make it easier to get Alakazam on my bench. But I would love to hear other's opinions on how to make it better. On a side note tho, did I come up with an OP strategy or have people been doing this? I'm new so I don't know.

Pokémon: 11

1 Kadabra MEW 64 PH

1 Mimikyu SVALT 54

1 Abra MEW 63

1 Alakazam ex MEW 65

1 Alakazam ex MEW 201

1 Mr. Mime MEW 122 PH

1 Abra PAF 148

1 Kadabra PAF 149

1 Mimikyu PR-SV 75

2 Mr. Mime MEW 122

1 Mimikyu PAF 37 PH

Trainer: 22

1 Larry PAR 165

1 Youngster SVI 198

3 Giovanni's Charisma MEW 161

2 Rare Candy PGO 69

1 Leftovers MEW 163

2 Nest Ball PAF 84

2 Friends in Hisui CRZ 130

1 Jacq SVI 175

1 Great Ball CRZ 132

2 Capturing Aroma SIT 153

1 Bill's Transfer MEW 156

1 Giovanni's Charisma MEW 161 PH

1 Fog Crystal CRE 140

2 Klara CRE 145

2 Geeta OBF 188

1 Nemona PAF 229

1 Daisy's Help MEW 195

1 Ultra Ball BRS 150 PH

1 Tulip PAR 181

2 Switch SVI 194

1 Paldean Student PAF 231

1 Iono PAF 80 PH

Energy: 5

3 Jet Energy PAL 190

10 Basic {P} Energy Energy 13

1 Gift Energy LOR 171

1 Basic {P} Energy MEW 207

2 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151

Total Cards: 60


  • PachirisuFan1
    PachirisuFan1 Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
    5 LOLs 5 Likes First Anniversary First Comment

    Okay so right off the bat, you pretty much always want all 4 copies of your main attacker in the deck. 2 of everything is also too sparse for a stage 2 in my opinion - you should ideally have 4 abra and at least 3 alakazam, but you have the option to leave the kadabra count at 2 since you also want rare candy in the deck (you should aim for 4 rare candy). The mimikyu count of 3 should be fine. mr. mime's effect is a bit too circumstantial i think so it might be better to remove it.

    consider adding in some arven to have easier access to rare candies. I'd also like to add that great ball is just plain bad - more ultra balls are worth it, being able to pull the exact pokemon you want is worth discarding 2 from the hand. Capturing aroma isn't particularly reliable either but you could consider having mesagoza as a passive way to get pokemon into your hand.

    Given that we're about 2 weeks away from rotation i'd also like to point out that fog crystal won't be usable in standard soon but! Good news! Because all of the basics in your deck have 90hp or less you'll be able to use the new incoming Buddy-Buddy Poffin. Feel free to completely forgo nest balls in favor of these in this deck post-rotation. It also removes your need for paldean student and jacq/larry but having 1 jacq might be worth it in case you don't have enough to discard for ultra ball.

    you will not be needing any double turbo energy for this particular deck. i'd also say keep the total energy count down to 12 or lower. 2 jet energy should be fine but aren't strictly mandatory here.

    for draw supporters. I'd recommend avoiding any that only draw cards and nothing else unless the draw power is really good - professors research, for example, is generally worth having 2-3 in nearly any deck as drawing 7 is worth discarding your hand if you time it well. More ionos would be good here ideally 3-4 copies. Daisy's help is unfortunately not very good because it only draws 2 and while it lets you look at your prize cards, it's not a good use of your supporter for the turn. If you specifically want a tech to look at your prizes i recommend putting in a hisuian heavy ball instead - it's an item card, and if a basic pokemon is in the prizes you can pull them out that way as well.

    geeta is also not very recommended in general as it prevents you from attacking that turn. you ideally want to attack every turn you can especially if you intend to use alakazam as your main attacker because 120 doesn't hit super hard (read: does not usually grant a ohko). the energy maintenance for this deck should also be fairly low since nothing here needs more than 2 energy, except mimikyu if league headquarters is in play.

    leftovers probably won't see much use with this build as most mons that can knock mimikyu out can do so in one hit - there's not much room to "stall" to gain back lost health on it. It's not overly useful on kazam either as leftovers doesn't do anything on the bench.

    klara is good but post-rotation you might consider adding another tulip and perhaps a super rod as well.

    If you have a good chunk of credits you can obtain singles of cards you don't have enough of - this is a vital feature and it will always be more worth your time to directly trade credits for cards than to open packs and hope to get what you need. If you have a lot of crystals you can repeatedly buy duplicates of battle decks in the shop - duplicates of cards past 4 will always grant you credits instead, and you can do this as many times as your crystal count will allow even if it's a deck you obtained before.