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Spiritomb (ticking terror) and kabutops (ancient way)

Echte-18cm Member Posts: 1

I am wondering if this combination would be possible... first i'd like to control the weakness of the defending pokemon with spiritomb and then i would go for an attack with dark type pokemon while kabutops for 4x damage in bench... but is it still possible as spiritoms attack says someghing like amount of weakness wont change...

Your thoughts?


  • pikayou
    pikayou Member Posts: 78 ✭✭
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    Spiritomb's attack won't change the amount of weakness, but the amount can still be changed by other factors like Kabutops' ability or Supereffective Glasses. With that said a strategy like this is difficult to pull of since your opponent can just retreat to remove the effect, meaning you've wasted your turn.