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What do you think of this Lucario Ex deck?

Serdrag2011 Member Posts: 6
Photogenic Name Dropper First Comment

Pokémon: 15

1 Skwovet SVI 151

1 Phanpy SIT 91

1 Hisuian Growlithe ASR 70

2 Armaldo SIT 96

1 Anorith SIT 95

1 Riolu SVI 112

1 Gliscor PAR 92

1 Eevee MEW 133

1 Swablu PAR 152

1 Altaria SIT 143

1 Donphan PAF 49

1 Lucario ex PR-SV 17

1 Riolu BRS 78

1 Meowth MEW 52

1 Gligar PAR 91

Trainers: 15

1 Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146

1 Grant ASR 144

1 Marnie's Pride BRS 145

1 Artazon PAF 76

4 Great Ball CRZ 132

4 Nest Ball SVI 181

2 Unidentified Fossil SIT 165

1 Emergency Jelly SIT 155

1 Boss's Orders PAL 172

2 Iono PAL 185

1 Arven SVI 166

1 Crushing Hammer SVI 168

1 Judge BKT 143

1 Rare Candy SVI 191

2 Earthen Vessel PAR 163

Energys: 4

17 Basic {F} Energy Energy 14

1 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151

1 Medical Energy PAR 182

1 V Guard Energy SIT 169

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  • Dougbro1
    Dougbro1 Member Posts: 17
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    #2 Answer ✓

    Having only one copy of your main attacker in your deck is generally never a good idea, because ideally, you want to have one set up on the Bench to take its place after so you can keep attacking with, say, Lucario ex's Aura Sphere. Alternatively, run Brilliant Stars Lucario with it, and increase your Riolu count to 3 or 4.

    Having Armaldo as the one Stage 2 in the deck is not recommended. When you play a Stage 2, it has to be worth it because setting it up is already a lot of trouble on its own. For example, Pidgeot ex is worth it because its ability is really good.

    NEVER run SVI Skwovet without another Pokémon like Mew ex, or, better, BRS Bibarel, because Skwovet makes you have only one card in your hand, and you really want to recharge to have more options ASAP.

    Bring more draw supporters into the deck.

    Don't bring an unevolved Pokémon into your deck without its evolution, unless it has an a good ability (not attack) in its own right that make it better than its evolution card.

    Less energy (20 is a lot), more Trainers, and duplicates of Pokémon you REALLY want to use for maximum effectiveness with Lucario.