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Please Fix Gengar Hex Bug

Since the new Patch, Gengar's Hex has been bugged. It doesn't refresh it's cooldown when it hits a target hit by his Will O Wisp, making him significantly weaker at levels 5 and 6. Gengar is already in a sorry state as is, and I'd like to be able to play as my favourite pokemon without reeling like I'm trolling (even though it already kinsa feels like I am, without bugs).


  • Mod_Bee
    Mod_Bee Moderator Posts: 172
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    Hello, I recommend opening a ticket with the support team. You can do so by visiting https://support.pokemon.com/ then click the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live link. From there click "Contact Us" Thanks!

  • SirenSoule
    SirenSoule Member Posts: 3
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    OK I'll go and do this but heres a genuine question.

    Why are bug reports for pokemon unite being rerouted via a pokemon tcg live link? You could at least pretend to care about this game a little bit more. I highly doubt this will get taken seriously once a ticket is opened, since Gengar isn't exactly flavour of the month OP pokemon to drive sales.

    The way you run this game is a total disgrace, and does not at all reflect the fact that you're supposed to be the highest grossing media franchise on the planet.

  • TBgengar11
    TBgengar11 Member Posts: 2
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    Dude, I just came back and face with the same problem. I look after the note patch but didnt see anything about Gengar nerf(srl?), this really piss me off because only Pokemon that I play is Gengar in Unite.