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Does anyone have a good rogue deck suggestion?

Poke_Ball_1 Member Posts: 1

While I love playing meta decks (current main being Peony Miraidon), but I also really like the idea of rogue decks

I've used several versions of Zorobox before and had fun despite almost always losing (not the best with it haha)

Does anyone have deck lists for other fun rogue decks to try? I'm open to anything (I also have like... 80,000 credits and a ton of cards already, so go nuts with recommendations, chances are i can probably craft it haha)


  • RedAfterWork
    RedAfterWork Member Posts: 3
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    Klawf maybe

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    You could play different styles of Iron Valiant decks. Iron Valiant Greedent, Iron Valiant Urshifu, Iron Valiant Entei— I know that last one is kind of a meta deck but not a ton of people play it. But as RedAfterWork said, Klawf is always a good one. One thing I like to do is try to find rogue decks that aren't completely unplayable.

  • Octowen
    Octowen Member Posts: 326
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    Does Gholdengo count as meta?

    HILOHILOHILO Member Posts: 8
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    you should try Gholdengo it is an amazing deck that I personally think is very consistent

  • Octowen
    Octowen Member Posts: 326
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    @HILOHILOHILO that’s what I had been wondering, Gholdengo is kind of seen as fringe meta so I was curious if @Poke_Ball_1 counted it or not.

  • PachirisuFan1
    PachirisuFan1 Member Posts: 187
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    Alakazam seems on the fringe side, but looks like it would be fun to make work - it often utilizes klefki and mimikyu to try to forestall the opponent while setting up and to have a wall up to allow spamming attacks from the bench more safely. It will probably be a bit nerfed once path cycles out though.

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    @Octowen I think that since Gholdengo got second at a regionals it's considered more meta, but then again, Iron Valiant did too. So it just depends on how you determine what meta is.

  • JJkaelin
    JJkaelin Member Posts: 23
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    Armarouge/Charizard Go is tanky, I've gotten up to 1200 damage with one hit. Check my page for the deck list

  • Pynchonite
    Pynchonite Member Posts: 1
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    Here's one that I'm proud of - I call it Hit and Run. Hasn't done too badly so far...

    Pokémon: 7

    2 Wyrdeer V ASR 134

    4 Miraidon TEF 121

    2 Iron Leaves ex TEF 25

    1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46

    1 Iron Leaves ex TEF 186

    1 Squawkabilly ex PAL 169

    1 Cyclizar ex PR-SV 18

    Trainer: 17

    2 Switch Cart ASR 154

    1 Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146

    3 Energy Retrieval SVI 171

    2 Future Booster Energy Capsule PAR 164

    3 Professor Turo's Scenario PAR 171

    2 Super Rod PAL 188

    3 Gardenia's Vigor ASR 143

    2 Pokégear 3.0 SVI 186

    2 Boss's Orders SHF 58

    1 Maximum Belt TEF 154

    1 Pal Pad SVI 182

    3 Penny SVI 183

    1 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156

    2 Nest Ball PAF 84

    3 Techno Radar PAR 180

    1 Arven SVI 166

    3 Beach Court SVI 167

    Energy: 2

    10 Basic {G} Energy SVE 1

    3 Jet Energy PAL 190

    Total Cards: 60