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The Pokémon TCG Live Global Beta Survey

TPCi_CursedSoup Administrator Posts: 256 admin
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edited December 2022 in News & Announcements #1

Greetings Trainers!  

We want to start by welcoming all the new players worldwide that can now participate in the Pokémon TCG Live Global Beta. The team is eager to hear your thoughts on the game and your initial experience.  

We want to extend an invitation to participate in a voluntary survey to help gather your feedback. Previous responses helped shape new features and improvements that have helped us optimize the game's experience.  

Please note that at this time, this survey is limited to players in targeted regions. A more robust localized survey will be released early next year.  

We'd love to hear how your time with the game has been so far, and how else you’d like to see Pokémon TCG Live evolve.