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Version 1.11.0 - Patch Notes

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Hello everyone.

The Pokémon TCG Live game client will be updated on February 20, 2024. The game will be offline starting at 8 AM PST(16:00 PM UTC) and is estimated to be down for 8 hours. We'll update if the updating is completed early. Please see below for the list of changes:


  • Medicham V (EVS #185): Fixed an issue where the player going second could not evolve a Pokémon placed in the first turn during the extra turn granted by the Yoga Loop attack.
  • Exp. Share (SVI #174): Fixed an issue where Exp. Share attached to Benched Pokémon did not activate if an Exp. Share on the Active Pokémon was suppressed.
  • Lunatone (OBF #093): Fixed an issue where the New Moon Ability incorrectly blocked the effect of Glimwood Tangle (DAA #162).


  • Updated visuals for the Special Condition Confused.


  • Updated the minimum Android OS version for Pokémon TCG Live. Players running Android 8 or lower will need to update to a newer version to continue playing Pokémon TCG Live.


  • Optimized quest completion, and fixed an issue where occasionally incorrect Battle Pass experience amounts were granted.
  • Fixed an issue where Knock Outs caused by devolution did not progress Knock Out quests.