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Is there an advantage to conceding at the last second?

Junglemania Member Posts: 15
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Recently, I've run into several opponents who play out the whole battle, then concede between the time I KO their Pokemon and get my last prize card(s). Is there some stat or something that makes conceding better than an outright loss? Or are they just being a spoilsport?

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  • Octowen
    Octowen Member Posts: 326
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    Some of them may be salty they lost, some may just want to get onto the next battle. People have been doing a relatively similar thing to this in Pokémon go lately: they just close the game instead of forfeiting normally, which makes it take longer as the charged moves lag when they do this.

  • hylozoe
    hylozoe Member Posts: 9
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    Yeah — mostly spoilsports. Sadly, it's a thing — some people concede right before you take your last prize cards so that you get less XP (there's a name, life "grief conceding" or such). Others people may not be aware of this XP ding and just want to move on to their next match, but if you've played for even a relatively short period of time, you'll notice that XP awarded are based in part by prize cards taken, and politeness would suggest you just hang around for ten more seconds, so the winner gets their fair share.

    Lots of suggestions to TPCi have been made at least try to partially address this issue (awarding full points if the KO is made but prize cards not selected yet; conceding allowed only on your own turn; etc.) …


  • nightblitz42
    nightblitz42 Member Posts: 53
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    Generally, there's no statistical difference between a concession and a loss. (The only exception is a random Battle Pass daily quest that requires you to not concede a certain number of matches.) That being said, once a player takes the last KO their victory is guaranteed, so there's no longer any reason for their opponent to stick around. If the game reaches a point where you're guaranteed to win then I think it's not unreasonable for your opponent to forfeit.

  • diebybling
    diebybling Member Posts: 4
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    Leaving a match a little sooner?

  • Nashedtators
    Nashedtators Member Posts: 32
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    They should allow concessions whenever but it shouldn't end the game till it's the person who concedes turn, so they can move on and the other player is none the wiser

  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,556
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    @Nashedtators Or they could, you know, fix the underlying issue and remove this dumb scaling XP system? What you're saying is the equivalent of fixing a pothole by putting a sign over it.

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    I think that most of the people are just trying to get to their next match quicker, that's what even I do sometimes. One time I was playing against a real idiot who had the game on the board and began playing EVERY CARD IN HIS HAND. I wanted to give him the opportunity to win the game for himself, since he'd played very well, but I could not stand the way he started smugly playing everything in his hadn't just to frustrate me. There was no way I was sticking around for THAT match.

  • Resilient30
    Resilient30 Member Posts: 75
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    Usually just people who don’t like you to have a satisfying win. Though if it’s about halfway through or in the beginning they could just be leaving because they think they’re gonna lose anyway due to a bad hand or whatever, or they have to go.

  • Resilient30
    Resilient30 Member Posts: 75
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    @OlderAngel11 Oh gosh, that’s the worst. Sometimes I get it if you have to complete a challenge, but I can’t stand it when they’re so proud of themselves they have to wallow in their ‘glory’. Someone needs to teach good sportsmanship to some people.

    So yeah, that’s a good reason to concede