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Letter to the Community - Dec 29, 2023

TPCi_CursedSoup Administrator Posts: 248
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Hello and happy holidays.

We want to focus on improvements the team has brought to the Pokémon TCG Live game in recent updates. Phase one of a new performance initiative to optimize and enhance performance for a more positive player experience has rolled out. This plan has multiple stages that will continue into next year as the team identifies new ways to advance the client.

Our latest updates introduced work from phase one that will help see a more consistent FPS rate on devices and increased responsiveness within the Deck Manager. With this work, we’ve also reduced on-launch load times by up to 40%. New alerts have been set up to improve the way the team gathers data so they can more easily identify pain points players may experience with devices.

In addition, the team has been working on new features coming to the game. One of these features is a battle log. This new feature aims to provide new and seasoned players with a comprehensive understanding of gameplay and the ability to dissect their match. As details become available, we’ll speak to this and more about our initiatives next year.

We thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We hope you have a great rest of your year; we’ll see you in 2024!

-The Pokémon TCG Live Development Team