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New player meets community

So I picked up this game a few weeks ago and I've been having a great time with it.

It's overall pretty fun and easy to pick up until one morning I tried to get a quick game in before work and with 18 minutes left on my clock about to win my opponent decides to do something disgusting and completely immature. He proceeds to timestall every single one of his moves and completely run out the remainder of the clock down to a few seconds before conceding. This is completely ridiculous if this is how the community is when they're going to lose a game maybe I'd better pull out before I get too deep into this game because that's disgusting and immature.

I know that this game has already addressed the issue of time stalling and some sort of button or something which I agree could be abused but there are times where this kind of reporting needs to be allowed to have happen because people can't get away with this holding me hostage and saying oh you've already won but I'm pissed off about it so you can either concede or sit here for another 20 minutes even though you may have other things to do.

Can anyone else relate to this? Is this the kind of experience I'm going to get from the pokémon trading card game live community?


  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 845
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    I would assure you that most people are nice and would not do this, but unfortunately that is not true. Whenever any online game is released, there are always a ton of people who are just too immature to accept defeat and will stall the clock to the bitter end. Most of my good friends in the community would not do this, but most online people are complete idiots.

  • n00bl00d
    n00bl00d Member Posts: 43
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    Not everyone is a good sport. It is fine. If I were to face an annoying opponent, a bad matchup or an extremely horrible hand, I'd just concede. Even on ladder. It is not the end of the world, you should value your time and your well-being above your position on PTCGL ladder. In my case, it is not like I'm going to reach Arceus League ever anyway.😀

  • Zerofo3384
    Zerofo3384 Member Posts: 20
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    if people are salty, that's them...unfortunately no one likes to lose or concede, especially when they get massacred by RNG

    IE: losing the opening coin flip....having to mulligan twice...and only draw a single playable pokemon

    the RNG of the game is all over the place except where it needs to be and i can attest that it is the main thing that makes the game hard to enjoy, the only thing you can do is talk with people over a chat or like here in forums and just maybe play some friends in casual games