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Version 1.9.2 - Patch Notes

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Hello everyone.

The Pokémon TCG Live game client will be updated on December 5th, 2023. The game will be offline starting at 8 AM PDT(16:00 PM UTC) and is estimated to be down for 8 hours. We'll update if the updating is completed early. Please see below for the list of changes:


  • Toedscruel (PAR #017): Fixed an issue where the Slime Mold Colony Ability did not prevent the opponent from putting Item cards into their hand when using PokéStop (PGO #068).
  • Future Booster Energy Capsule (PAR #164): Fixed an issue where the damage boost was incorrectly applied to Benched Pokémon.
  • Exp. Share (SVI #174): Updated the Energy- attachment steps when the card effect is triggered.
  • Zoroark (EVS #103): Fixed an issue during the Phantom Transformation Ability where the effect asks for an extra selection to swap cards.


  • Fixed an issue in matches where the game became unresponsive when players received a mulligan on a device set to certain non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue in matches where the fizzle animation did not play when the effect of Big Parasol (DAA #157) blocked the player's attempt to switch an opponent's Benched Pokémon into the Active Spot.
  • Fixed an issue where certain card effects that can be used only during the first turn did not function correctly during the first turn of Sudden Death mode.
  • Fixed an issue where cards occasionally appeared invisible and could not be selected as part of certain card-selection effects.


  • Various other fixes and polish.


  • Fixed a matchmaking issue where the game became unresponsive due to multiple users matching with the same opponent.