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Version 1.3.0 - Patch Notes

TPCi_CursedSoup Administrator Posts: 256 admin
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Hello everyone.

The Pokémon TCG Live game client will be updated on November 8th. The game will be offline starting at 8 AM PDT and is estimated to be down for 8 hours. Please see below for the list of changes:


  • Enamorus V (LOR #082) is unbanned.


  • Corviknight VMAX (BST #110): The Lustrous Body Ability now correctly takes effect when certain Ability-canceling conditions end.
  • Empoleon V (BST #040): The Emperor's Eyes Ability now correctly takes effect after Path to the Peak (CRE #148) leaves play.
  • Inspecting the board no longer causes some UI to disappear when ending the inspection.
  • The Fighting-type background animation length has been updated to match other types of animations.
  • Damage counters and status effect arrows now remain at the correct size.


  • The following card's effects no longer disappear when all Pokémon present during the activation leaves the playmat:

-Fantina (LOR #157)

-Lusamine {*} (LOT #182)

  • Goodra (FST #197): The Slimy Room Ability now triggers correctly when using Charjabug's (UNB #58) Battery Ability.
  • Gloom (UNB #7): The Irresistible Aroma Ability no longer considers Item Pokémon as valid targets.
  • Zoroark (EVS #103): Stage 1 Pokémon are no longer able to evolve into Stage 2 Pokémon on the turn they are put into play with the Phantom Transformation Ability.
  • An issue where the following Tool cards failed to activate their effects under the right conditions has been fixed:

-Lum Berry (SSH #168)

-Sitrus Berry (SSH #182)

  • Gladion (CIN #95): Prize card slot numbers have been added to the selection menu.
  • Lucky Energy (CRE #157): The status effect arrow for the card's effect has been added.
  • An issue where certain cards had excessive holo-foil effects has been fixed.
  • Several damage prevention messages and descriptions for damage reduction have been updated for accuracy.
  • Gladion (CIN #95): Faceup Prize cards are now properly set facedown after the shuffle.


  • In the mobile client, default resolution has been updated to be set based on the type of device being used. 
  • The Collector Crate FX and image for some devices have been updated. 
  • An extraneous button seen on the collected item summary menu has been removed.
  • Poké Ball loading image behavior has been updated.
  • In the mobile client, the position of the navigation bar in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service menus has been updated.


  • The VSTAR image used in attack and Ability descriptions has been updated.
  • An issue where cards dragged from the hand didn't rotate horizontally has been fixed.
  • In the mobile client, various battle menus can now be closed by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  • An issue where damage counters were shown upside down when an opponent was evolving a card has been fixed.
  • White borders around attached basic Energy have been removed.
  • Action Time interactions with certain Abilities have been updated.
  • The player's hand no longer hides during an opponent's attack.
  • An issue where Ability banners do not appear for certain Abilities has been fixed.
  • When viewing cards with actions, card sizes have been updated to be identical regardless of where on the board they originate.
  • Battle sever syncing has been updated.
  • In the mobile client, the close button no longer overlaps with the card in Big Card View.
  • An issue where certain card Ability effects incorrectly showed duplicate status messages has been fixed.
  • Cards with effects that put Pokémon into play are no longer highlighted when effects in play prevent them from being placed on the board.
  • A shaking card animation now plays when trying to drag an invalid card out of the hand.

Ranked Ladder

  • Certain rank emblem placement has been slightly adjusted.

Deck Manager/Editor

  • The menu options for leaving an unfinished deck have been updated. 

Battle Pass

  • In the desktop client, the "Premium Pass Active" message now appears when the Premium Pass is purchased.

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