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[Hartford 2023] Update on Incident Investigation and Disciplinary Action

TPCi_SomeDucks Administrator Posts: 2 admin
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We are aware of a player accused of egregious behavior that falls well outside of expectations for the   Play! Pokémon community. Our investigation into this incident has resulted in the following conclusions: 

  1. The player in question did not take an active role in what led to the accusation. 
  2. Other persons, both from the player community and the peer group of the accused player, were determined to be responsible for the content that led to the accusation. 
  3. Other persons from within the player community published the content and presented it publicly in a way intended to inflict damage upon the accused party. 

Currently our findings do not support taking any disciplinary action against the accused player. Should more information come to light, we reserve the right to update our decision accordingly. Following an additional investigation, those who created the content used against the accused player may face long-term disciplinary consequences in the Play! Program. 

Pokémon believes in creating a safe and inviting space for our players.  We take these matters seriously, and we encourage all players to continue reporting any issues or incidents to us directly at support.pokemon.com. We want to reiterate that this behavior and symbols of hate do not align with our core values or the Play! Pokémon Standards of Conduct. We are committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive to all participants regardless of factors including but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and/or disability. 

Thank you to our community for being invested in keeping the Play! Pokémon program safe and inclusive for all fans. 

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