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Why Pokemon TCG Live still is not available in Playstore for my region

In the news stated that the game will be available globally, but still not available in my region..

Why is that?


  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,456
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    If you're in Asia, it's not coming ever. TPCi doesn't operate in Asia, and TPC doesn't care about this game.

  • DoubleCure
    DoubleCure Member Posts: 364
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    edited June 2023 #3

    It will not be available in some places like Japan, Indonesia and some others. Some parts of Asia have access to it so depends in what specific region you are at.

    A workaround can be using a VPN that it's legal in most of the world... some countries tho have specific bans/restrictions or heavily restricted network access and generally don't allow their citizens accessing the open internet (online games included) so the use of a VPN may be ilegal in some cases.

    Since sharing personal data is not allowed here, if this is not a viable solution for you it's better to contact the support directly.

  • Gollums
    Gollums Member Posts: 3
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    Wont be available in China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, or South Korea as TPC (Pokémon Korea in Korea) oversees localised releases in those regions.

    The English TCG is available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines though.