Can someone explain in the simplest form what migration is? I know when I migrate I won’t be able to access the PTCG online anymore (even though online is gonna be discontinued in June) but if I migrate will I still keep my cards/codes for cards I entered in the live game?


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    Pokémon TCG cards from the Sword & Shield Series and Sun & Moon Series are transferrable and playable in Pokémon TCG Live at launch. Cards from the XY Series and the Black & White Series are transferrable at launch but will not be playable until future Pokémon TCG Live game updates. Players will be able to transfer up to 4 copies of a unique Pokémon TCG card; one copy of an ACE SPEC, Prism Star, or Pokémon Star card; one copy of each part of a Pokémon V-UNION card; and 59 copies of a basic Energy card (excluding non-foil basic Energy cards without a collector number or expansion icon). Additional copies beyond these limits will not be transferred.

    You can still redeem old codes in TCG Live, but the packs are not transferrable.

    Also important, your decks will not transfer, you have to export them and then import into TCG Live

    *For more details I sugest you to check the official migration guide:


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    you will keep up to 4 copies of most cards from BW on, 1 copy of each Radiant Pokemon, and 59 copies of energy, any other cards will be converted to credits, and decklists don't transfer. All alt-art cards can be accessed via the available button underneath when you select them in the deck building screen