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Version 1.1.0 - Patch Notes

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Hello everyone.

The Pokémon TCG Live game client has been updated today. Please see below for the list of changes:


  • Territory expansion into Mexico for new players.
  • Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance set is now available.
  • Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance Battle Pass begins.
  • June Ranked Ladder is now available.


  • Certain card attacks now correctly count amount of Energy provided, rather than number of Energy cards attached, when calculating damage.
  • Certain Abilities have been updated to no longer appear to the opponent that they are being activated if the player chose not to use the effect.
  • Shining Mew (SLG #40): The Legendary Guidance attack no longer causes a soft lock during Energy selection.
  • Shedinja (VIV #66): The Shell Survival Ability has been updated to prevent being put into play by effects other than Ninjask's Cast-Off Shell Ability.
  • Certain card effects that put a Pokémon from the discard pile onto the Bench can no longer fail to find if a valid target exists.
  • Damage Mover (SLG #58): Card has been updated to allow moving damage counters from a Pokémon that has only 1 or 2 damage counters on it.
  • HP and type overlay for Pokémon in play have been updated to be visible in all views throughout the match.
  • Elesa's Sparkle (FST #233): The order of actions has been updated to correctly choose the Fusion Strike Pokémon before searching the deck.
  • Behavior of the Collect button has been updated to show only on the lowest collectible tier instead of every unlocked tier.
  • Redeeming a code before product release will now display a message with the number of days until the code is active.
  • Displaying and scrolling Big Card View in the Deck Editor has been updated for improved visibility.
  • Card variant thumbnails updated to more accurately display alternate variations.
  • Currency needed to exchange for Shiny Pokémon VMAX has been updated to 1250 Credits.
  • Fairy Energy is now properly considered invalid for Standard format decks.
  • Actions that prompt a YES/NO selection are no longer missing text explaining what the choice is being made for.
  • Certain effect messages have been updated to reflect all of the card's effects.
  • Devolving a Pokémon on the Bench has been updated to prevent the card from appearing larger than normal afterward.
  • Discarding cards from your hand no longer zooms into the card before discarding.
  • Player's match time no longer counts down when the opponent is making a selection.
  • Matches now properly conclude when either player's match time runs out.
  • Decks that can be earned or obtained by exchanging currency now show how many of each card they include.
  • Instances where shop items may be purchased for more than the cost no longer occurs.
  • Tutorial prompts and quest areas have been updated for better visibility and clarity.


  • Avatar customization has been updated to sync changes made. Now shows a consistent view for both player and opponent.
  • Avatars have been updated to sync up visuals correctly.
  • Hair-option thumbnails have been updated.
  • Avatar item names on the customization screen no longer display as uppercase in landscape view.

Battle Pass

  • The Battle Pass experience-gain animation now plays only on the home screen.
  • The Collect All button now displays correctly and can be used for single Battle Pass tiers with multiple rewards to be collected.
  • Animation for gaining currency from daily quests has been added.
  • Tapping area to exchange currency for the Challenge Pass has been increased.
  • Crystal amount no longer shows on the Challenge Pass exchange screen in portrait view.
  • Blur has been added to the background of the Replace Quest window.


  • Certain Evolution effects have now been updated to interact correctly with Evolution-blocking effects.
  • Effects that should occur during a different turn no longer activate during the turn they are applied.
  • Cyrus {*} (UPR #120): Effect now behaves correctly with effects that protect Benched Pokémon from Supporter effects.
  • Cobalion-GX (TEU #106): The Metal Symbol Ability now properly removes Special Conditions when attaching {M} Energy.
  • Descriptions of certain global status effects have been updated to display the correct effect.
  • Certain card effects that block damage and/or effects now display the proper messages in the Status Effects window.
  • Lucario (UMB #126): Bonus damage for the Rush Up attack is now properly applied if a Pokémon Tool is attached before Lucario is moved into the Active Spot.
  • Magmortar (UNM #22): The Smoke Bomb attack now correctly makes the opponent flip one (1) coin for the affected Pokémon.
  • Cyrus {*} (UPR #120): The effect no longer shuffles cards attached to the selected Pokémon into the deck.
  • Typhlosion (LOT #42): The Blazing Energy Ability message in the Status Effects window has been updated to show only one copy of the effect's text.
  • Certain attacks that discard the player's hand and draw cards now discard the hand even if no cards can be drawn from the deck.
  • Rayquaza-GX (CES #109): The Stormy Winds Ability can now target basic Energy already in the discard pile.
  • Certain Abilities that search through the deck no longer activate if there is no deck.
  • Flaaffy (EVS #55): The Dynamotor Ability can no longer be activated if there are no Benched Pokémon.
  • Certain attacks that apply damage to a newly switched Active Pokémon no longer apply damage when no switch occurs.
  • Certain cards that switch in an opponent's Benched Pokémon now correctly apply the effect to the Benched Pokémon instead of the Active Pokémon.
  • Certain attacks that discard from the deck and attach any Energy found have been updated to attach the Energy cards before discarding the others.
  • Lucario (UNB #126): The Rush Up attack now correctly retains its damage increase if the Pokémon Tool attached that turn is also removed.
  • Gladion (CIN #95): The card effect can no longer be copied by other cards.
  • Simisear (BUS #23): The Flare Recharge attack no longer allows the player to attach Energy to their Active Pokémon.
  • Clawitzer (FLI #26): After using the Standing By attack, the Sharpshooting attack now shows a positive arrow to denote the damage increase.
  • Slaking (CES #115): The Lazy Ability has been updated to consistently block other Abilities.
  • Dust Island (UNB #168): The message in the Status Effects window for a carried-over Poisoned status has been updated to keep the text from the original source of the attack.
  • Eternatus VMAX (DAA #117): The Eternal Zone Ability has been updated to prevent Pokémon that are not Darkness type from being placed on the Bench using certain effects.
  • Billowing Smoke (DAA #158): The card effect has been updated to prevent Prize cards from activating effects before being discarded.
  • Certain Special Energy messages in the Status Effects window have been updated to display only one copy of the text when multiples of the same Energy are attached to the Active Pokémon.
  • Hisuian Samurott (PR #207): The message in the Status Effects window for the Wily Stance Ability has been updated for clarity.
  • Rainbow Brush (CES #141): The card effect has been updated to shuffle the deck even when failing to find Energy.
  • Gardenia (UPR #124): The card effect has been updated to consistently activate under valid conditions.
  • Kindra (BUS #31): The Brine attack has been updated to allow only targeting of Pokémon that have damage counters.
  • Certain cards that have effects attaching Energy cards from the discard pile now auto attach an Energy card if the action timer runs out.
  • Aegislash (FLI #49): The Ticking Knock Out message in the Status Effects window has been updated for clarity and has been moved into the negative effects list.
  • Hypno (UNB #72): The Hypnotic Pendulum Ability can no longer activate multiple times if the first activation succeeds and multiple Hypno are in play.
  • Certain Sword & Shield Series card-foil effects have been updated for consistency.
  • Certain holo foil effects for Sun & Moon Series cards have been updated for better visibility.
  • The player's card visuals no longer turn black on the victory screen.
  • Detective Pikachu (BSP #SM190) is now available in game.

Code Redemption

  • Returning to the code redemption menu will no longer input the same code as previously scanned.
  • "Redeeming Your Codes" text now appears in the correct location on the code card redemption screen.
  • The Pikachu V deck is now properly obtained when redeeming the Battle Academy 2022 Bundle.

Deck Manager

  • Deck filters no longer stay open when navigating out of and then back into the Deck Editor.
  • Drag interactions in the Deck Editor have been improved.
  • Search now allows the use of accented characters in search queries.
  • Card Gallery view has been updated to default to the All view.
  • Certain Pokémon TCG Live deck accessory names have been updated to remove redundant mentions of TCG Live.
  • Snubbull deck accessory names have been updated to show the correct text.
  • Decks now properly handle displaying longer deck names.
  • Deck Manager tabs have been updated to include a hover animation on user interaction.
  • Deck Manager tab highlight has been updated to interact properly with the deck search bar.
  • Clickable area for the customization of deck accessories has been resized to provide a better fit.
  • Deck Editor visuals have been updated to fix unexpected overlapping.
  • Deck content display area has been updated to prevent certain images overlapping UI.
  • Deck name editing field prompt text has been enlarged for better legibility.
  • Create a Deck button has been updated to be consistent across landscape and portrait view.
  • Animation has been added to the Big Card View close button.
  • Deck selection highlight border graphics have been updated.
  • Deck tile visuals have been standardized between portrait and landscape views.
  • Card visuals now load seamlessly when clicking and viewing them in the Deck Editor.


  • Retreat Cost now displays in the stacked card overlay for both Active and Benched Pokémon.
  • Post-battle avatar models no longer show duplicates for a short time.
  • Players can now choose manually when to progress past the post-battle stats screen.
  • Multiples of certain Pokémon Tools attached to the same Pokémon no longer discard themselves if conditions are not met for copies of the initial card.
  • When an Ability that allows a Pokémon to have multiple Pokémon Tools attached is removed or otherwise deactivated, and the extra Tools must be discarded, any retaliation effects on the discarded Tools will no longer be incorrectly triggered.
  • Devolution Spray Z (UNB #166): Devolving a Pokémon on the Bench no longer shifts its position.
  • Self-inflicted damage is no longer factored into damage done in the post-battle results.
  • Certain Abilities now resolve correctly before being shut off by Ability blockers.
  • Attacks that do damage to or put damage counters on multiple targets now automatically apply the effect if there are no other possible targets. (For example, if an attack does 20 damage to 2 of the opponent's Benched Pokémon, and the opponent only has 1 or 2 Pokémon on their Bench, the player won't be asked to choose targets.)
  • Copy attacks no longer fail when copying an attack that prevents itself from being used multiple times in a row.
  • Knocked Out Benched Pokémon display correctly as the full card when displayed on the discard pile.
  • Certain cards that require the selection of a target have been updated to use drag selection.
  • Lilligant (GRI #5): The Petal Dance effect no longer displays a large negative effect indicator.
  • Switching between card selection and inspecting cards has been updated to be more stable.
  • Interacting with other board elements while viewing card attacks has been disabled.
  • Titles have been added to each section in the status effect window.
  • Benched Pokémon that are evolving or devolving no longer briefly switch out of condensed card view.
  • Issue where spamming the view button in Big Card View causes the menu contents to become invisible has been resolved.
  • Certain card animations where the player makes a selection have been updated to animate correctly on the opponent's view.
  • Green drag arrows no longer show on Stadium cards in play.
  • VFX for ending turns in portrait view has been updated.
  • Animations from the opponent's view have been updated for moving cards from the pending slot to the discard pile.
  • Card inspection for effects that require card selection no longer prevents players from inspecting the card more than once.
  • Prize card selection no longer darkens the board in the background.
  • Stadium cards no longer move to the player's pending slot when used by their opponent.
  • Scroll speed when viewing card attacks in Big Card View has been increased.


  • Support and Forums buttons have been removed for child accounts.
  • Inbox stability when accessing messages has been improved.
  • The app's language can no longer be reselected to the same language as the current setting.
  • Visual issues related to navigating to the shop or Battle Pass have been resolved.
  • Mouseover animation of navigation buttons has been updated.
  • The screen resolution setting button now shows the currently selected resolution.
  • The inbox no longer appears blank if returning after internet connection is lost while collecting items.
  • Multi-touch is no longer supported on front-end menus.
  • Overall resolution has been updated to interact properly with notched devices.
  • Settings menu dimensions have been updated.
  • Language selection screen visuals during setup have been updated.
  • Title text has been added to the Quit Game confirmation window.
  • Hover animation for Casual play tool-tip button has been updated.
  • Language selection settings text size has been updated to match other similar text.
  • Loading-icon position has been adjusted to prevent overlap with other UI at the bottom of phone screens.
  • Interaction with buttons behind the log-out confirmation window has been disabled.
  • Log-out confirmation window text has been updated for better alignment.
  • Buttons for interacting with text and reward messages in the inbox are now larger.
  • Loading screens in portrait view have been adjusted to correct dimensions in 3:4 resolution.
  • A scrollbar no longer displays on top of the settings screen in certain portrait-view resolutions.
  • Improved the visuals of some holofoil effects.
  • A visual issue with the battle options setting checkbox has been fixed.


  • Updates no longer fail if the Pokémon TCG Live client updater executable is launched manually.


  • Matchmaking text has been changed when challenging a friend to a match.
  • A notification now displays when users switch to Casual matchmaking for the first time.
  • UI updated to prevent overlapping buttons while selecting a deck when matchmaking with a friend.
  • Animations have been added to matchmaking buttons.


  • Avatar animation upon entering the Avatar Customization menu has been improved.
  • Hover effect has been removed from the User ID section.
  • The Customize button animation has been updated to return to the default view after being selected.
  • Back button has been updated to give more visual feedback.
  • Added text cursor to the Add Friends text field when selected.
  • Add Friends page visuals have been updated to interact with notched devices.
  • Visuals for Profile and Friends tabs have been updated.
  • Scroll bars for various avatar customization menus have been updated to move correctly.
  • Body swap button animation within Avatar Customization has been updated to be consistent with other buttons.
  • Friends button can no longer be selected from behind the Friends List window.
  • Blurred background has been darkened on the Add Friends menu in the Friends panel.
  • Avatar customization list population animations have been updated.

Ranked Ladder

  • Unachieved ranks in the Ranked ladder now appear darkened.
  • League reward windows have been updated to show the rank a reward is associated with.
  • League reward windows have been reduced in size.
  • Animation has been added when ranking up in Ranked ladder.
  • Blue progress background has been extended downward to allow scrolling past the lowest rank.


  • Shop stability when exchanging currency for products has been improved.
  • Exchanges now show confirmation of the completed transaction.
  • Product image and product name visuals in the product exchange window have been updated.
  • Expansions dropdown menu visuals have been updated.


  • Tutorial paths have been updated to streamline steps and avoid unintended actions.
  • Actions during certain portions of the tutorial have been streamlined to prevent further unintended actions.
  • Tutorial instructions for switching between expansions have been updated for clarity.
  • Some buttons have been removed to streamline the tutorial.

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