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Radiant Sneasler plus Toxicroak

I was playing a poison deck with Radiant Hisuian Sneasler, Toxicroak, and Toxcricity. I was using Toxtricity's Poison Shout attack with two Toxicroaks and a Radiant Hisuian Sneasler on the board. During Pokémon Checkup, my opponents active pokemon only received 5 damage counters from the posion. With the More Poison Abiltiy that Toxicroak has, and Radiant Hisuian Sneasler's Posion Peak ability, shouldn't the poisoned Pokémon receive 6 damage counters, 4 from the 2 Toxicroaks, and 2 more from Sneasler.


  • Edurandomnumber
    Edurandomnumber Member Posts: 331
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    it should have been 7, 1 from toxtricity + the 6 you mentioned before.

    Was path to the peak or some other card stopping sneasler's ability?

  • BunnySauce
    BunnySauce Member Posts: 50
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    Was a path to the peak in play? It would block radiant sneasler's ability, so you'd get 2 + 2 from the toxicroaks + 1 for the base poison, meaning 5 damage counters would be applied. Would be 7 if radiant sneasler's ability wasn't being blocked.

  • assassin51p
    assassin51p Member Posts: 2
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    does having two radiant sneaslers do 4 damage counters ?

  • TechHog
    TechHog Member Posts: 2,556
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    @assassin51p You can't have two in your deck.