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Doing daily tasks


Do you guys have a way to let the other player know you're doing a daily task?

For some reason, using Fresh Water or Candice or Lake Acuity is not what I want to be doing, but it's a daily nonetheless... However, while I'm just flying through my deck trying to get these cards out, or needing my opponents to hit me so I can use the water, my opponent is taking 17 minutes per turn, then they do... Nothing... Comfey, Bibarel, Snorunt, these decks are slowing me down when I'm using a deck I have no interest in using!

I've been using the thumbs up emote, but that hasn't worked, so I tried all the others, and Noone seems to hurry up when trying to do the dailies.

Anyone have a sure fire way to maybe speed your opponent up?


  • DoubleCure
    DoubleCure Member Posts: 548 ✭✭✭✭
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    There is a reason to this type of card games don't have a chat box, leting the other player know what you're doing would be cheating...

    The best you can do is to replace the quests you dislike and hope the next one isn't worst.

    But one thing I do agree, some of those new quests are trash.

  • Perfect_Jab
    Perfect_Jab Member Posts: 27
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    Yea an they give more crystals. You can replace it an then you get 60 instead of 100