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Help needed building Poliwhirl deck

Mako5624 Member Posts: 1

Like so many of us here, I started collecting Pokémon cards as a kid, but I never got into playing the game until recently. Poliwhirl has always had a special place in my heart after finding an old plushy at a yard sale probably close to 20 years ago now. Anyway, after seeing the full art card of Poliwhirl in the 151 set I quickly became obsessed with finding it. I have yet to pull the card IRL because I'm finding it hard to track down sets of 151 that I can afford. However, after saving up in-game currency in the online game I found a digital copy of the card! I have only been playing the TCG for about two weeks now, so my game knowledge leaves much to be desired. If anyone has any advice for building a deck that has a shot at winning even though it may not be meta, and is based around the Poliwrath evolution line, I would love to hear it! Incase it matters, I am currently in the Azelf Ultra League with the goal of making master, to get the water themed card sleeves for my new frog deck lol.

My current first attempted set up is…

18 Pokémon: 4x Poliwag, 4x Poliwhirl, 3x Poliwrath, 2x Bidoof, 2x Bibarel, 1x Lapras, 1x Manaphy, 1x Lumineon V

31 Trainers: 4x Buddy-buddy poffin, 4x Super rod, 3x Nest ball, 3x Ultra ball, 2x Superior energy retrieval, 2x switch, 1x Hyper aroma, 2x Mesagoza, 4x Irida, 4x Lana's aid, 1x Lady, 1x Jacq

11 Energy: 8x Basic water, 3x Jet energy