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Chandelure Hyper offensive deck

Brassendaer Member Posts: 6
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I wanted to make a deck with this awesome card. The idea is pretty straight forward, overpower your opponent before they get to do anything! The deck consists of a 4-2-4 line of Litwick-Lampent-Chandelure from Twilight Masquerade as the main hitter, with 4x Rare candies to work with, obviously. The single energy cost on the attack means you rarely miss out on the hit, especially considering the fact that I run 2x Energy search, just because I really dislike not being able to do anything during my turn. There is honestly quite a bit of RNG involved in this playstyle due to 3x Lucian being played, but that makes it all the more fun in my opinion. Lots of hand disruption and lots of clutch moments will occur when playing this deck. Going second in the first turn is pretty much always favourable here, as it lets Chatot/Cleffa/Ditto make use of their attacks and abilities respectively. So to summarize the deck is absolutely underpowered compared to meta decks, but a whole lot of fun if you wanna try something different! Also, Chandelure has one of the best cries from the video games IMO. 😁

Here is the deck:

Pokémon: 9
2 Lampent TWM 37
1 Mew ex PAF 216
4 Chandelure TWM 38
1 Radiant Charizard CRZ 20
1 Chatot TEF 181
1 Mew ex MEW 193
4 Litwick TWM 36
1 Cleffa PR-SV 37
1 Ditto PAF 201

Trainer: 22
1 Boss's Orders RCL 189
1 Patrol Cap OBF 191
1 Judge PAF 228
4 Rare Candy PGO 69
1 Super Rod PAL 276
1 Technical Machine: Devolution PAR 177 PH
1 Mela PAR 254
1 Professor's Research CRZ 150
2 Mesagoza SVI 178
1 Prime Catcher TEF 157
1 Jacq SVI 250
1 Pal Pad SVI 182 PH
1 Technical Machine: Evolution PAR 178 PH
3 Arven PAF 235
2 Iono PAF 237
2 Buddy-Buddy Poffin TEF 144 PH
3 Ultra Ball PAF 91 PH
1 Boss's Orders PAL 265
3 Lucian TWM 157
1 Nest Ball PAF 84 PH
1 Professor's Research SVI 240
2 Energy Search SVI 172 PH

Energy: 1
9 Basic {R} Energy SVE 2 PH

Total Cards: 60

Thanks for having a look at my deck! Have a great day!


  • EdgeWilder
    EdgeWilder Member Posts: 2
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    Cool Chandelure is one of my favorite mons. Just got into the game after just collecting cards. Was looking for a deck to try out. Might give this a shot thanks.