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can you not put any grass energy into play with Gardenia's vigor if you have any in hand?

Cardboss20 Member Posts: 6
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with the "up to" ruling you normally must do anywhere from 1 to x, whereas with the "any amount" you may do anything between 0 to x. So you would assume you must put a grass energy onto your bench if you have one in hand.

My question is, can you not put any grass energy into play from Gardenia's vigor if you have grass energy in hand but don't want it attached to your bench?

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  • nightblitz42
    nightblitz42 Member Posts: 66 ✭✭
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    Yes, you can decline to attach Energy. The reason is that the specific contents of your hand are "private information." You are never obligated to tell the truth about private information, and the game rules do not have access to your private information. (Gardenia's Vigor cannot "see" what is in your hand.) So even though Gardenia's Vigor says its effect is mandatory, even if your opponent knows for a fact that you have Energy, the game rules allow you to pretend that your hand doesn't have any energy. Nifty!

    By the same logic, Ultra Ball is also optional. The contents of your Deck are private information, so you are allowed to play Ultra Ball and act as if your Deck contained no Pokemon even when it does. This is a common strategy for decks that need to reduce their hand size for Bibarel's Ability.


  • TechHog
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    If you're even considering this, then it sounds like you need more actual draw supporters.