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theory about the future paradox pokemon, why they are all mechanical.....

HisuianSliggo Member Posts: 13
Name Dropper First Comment

thats been said before and people also poking fun at the scene from spongebob where everything from the future is in chrome. well. it might be or might not be both a refrence to spongebob and another reason which i will talk about soon. the reason why i think its a refrence to spongebob is because of the pokemon sandy shocks that might be a refrence to sandy cheeks from spongebob. but anyway.

if you look closley at all the future paradox pokemon you can see they have digital eyes. well they are robots obviously. but why? well. could be a couple of reasons. 1. maybe all pokemons or just those specific pokemons went extinct so they build up robots instead to replace them.

so i believe thats both a refrence to spongebob and this reason as well. and yes i stand on the fact that its partially a refrence to spongebob. i think gamefreak know this meme very well and they like when people refrencing that