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My newly updated Mewtwo/Lunatone/Solrock deck

Nevster242 Member Posts: 2
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Ive been working on this deck since late last year. It plays pretty well imo. But just looking for suggestions or advice. Im going off the top of my head with the deck list but Im pretty certain I will list everything.


x3 Natu (any natu)

x3 clairvoyance sense Xatu

x3 Solrock with the ability to place an energy from discard to Lunatone

x3 Lunatone with Moon Kinesis

x2 Mewtwo Ex (paradox rift)

x1 Mewtwo V

x1 Mewtwo Vstar with Star Raid ability

x1 radiant Alakazam

x1 Charcadet (i use one with only colorless energy requirement)

x1 Ceruledge with life sucker and another move that does 100 base damage and another 100 if the opponents actuve is V or ex.

Trainer Cards

x2 nest ball

x3 paldean student

x1 bravery charm

x1 ace spec heros cape

x2 boss's orders

x2 tulip

x1 team yells chear

x1 penny

x1 professers turos scenario

x2 ryme

x2 switch

x3 earthen vessel

x1 moonlit hill

x1 bills transfer

x1 TM blindside

Energy: 14 i think


  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    Ok, a bit of criticism here: You should probably cut both the mew two VSTAR line and the ceruledge, as those aren't really helpful to what you're trying to do, and a one-one line of a stage one pokemon is not usually enough. You should not need the Blindside TM, I don't see a world in which you ever use this. You should probably add more solrock and lunatone, maxing out the amount you can play, especially the solrock. Lastly, cut the Hero's Cape and put in a Prime Catcher instead, this is much more helpful to what you're trying to do.

  • Nevster242
    Nevster242 Member Posts: 2
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    well the vstar and ceruledge are to counter V decks and help against exs. But i have considered getting rid of my mewtwo v and vstar. Blindside is helpful for people that retreat or if i wanna go for a bench so as to not allow the opponent to put out a more ready active. It also works well with radiant Alakazams ability.

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    No, I don't think you need either of those, since they just do what your Lunatone does except not as efficiently. By all means, if you want to play them then feel free to do so, but the most success I have had with this deck is when I just play it for plain and simple.