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I'm I crazy or are cards to op these days

is anyone else getting tired of how fast pokemon is amping up the power on cards?


  • TheJeffers
    TheJeffers Member Posts: 605
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    Power creep is going to happen. They want to sell you the new cards, and the easiest way to do that is to make them better.

    But even with the best will in the world, unexpected combos will form or archetypes will reach a critical mass, and decks will become more powerful, so you need to make better solutions to counter those decks, and the arms race of power creep will continue.

    Rotating formats can only mitigate it so much. If you increase the card pool and introduce more mechanics, decks will become more consistent and powerful.

    It is valid to criticise the speed of power creep and call out designers for deliberately, recklessly accelerating it to sell cards, but at the end of the day, tomorrow's cards are going to trend upwards on the power scale compared to yesterday's.

  • OlderAngel11
    OlderAngel11 Member Posts: 1,011
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    I thought that they were going to take it down a notch with SV, doing exes instead of VMAXes, but then Charizard ex came out…

  • Ravenclawed1234
    Ravenclawed1234 Member Posts: 374
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    compared to SwSh, SV power levels have been dropping, not to mention the fact that 20+ decks are somewhat viable for EUIC

  • nightblitz42
    nightblitz42 Member Posts: 53
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    Have they been amping up power? Lost Box is still strong, Urshifu Rapid Strike was a good strategy up until it rotated, Mew Fusion Strike was doing well until rotation... These are examples of meta strategies with 2-3 years of consistent success. If the power level were appreciably increasing then I would've expected these decks to fall out of favor, replaced by the emergence of newer and stronger cards. It's kinda hard for me to make a case for substantial powercreep in recent sets when these sorts of long-standing counterexamples exist.

  • bugman32
    bugman32 Member Posts: 29
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    well to be fair, XY, Sun and moon are still like the bread and butter of all my decks