• No, Worry Seed fails if used on a Truant Pokémon. However, a move like Gastro Acid (which stops abilities from working) would work to the effect you want.
  • Having only one copy of your main attacker in your deck is generally never a good idea, because ideally, you want to have one set up on the Bench to take its place after so you can keep attacking with, say, Lucario ex's Aura Sphere. Alternatively, run Brilliant Stars Lucario with it, and increase your Riolu count to 3 or…
  • There would be little effect, to be honest. Public opinion of Mewtwo was already filled with wariness, so to frame Mewtwo for any various crime wouldn't really change their view on it. Keep in mind that the only reason Butler framed Pokémon was so he would have an excuse to arrest them, even if they already were partnered…
  • Absol has it kind of rough with its offensive and stall options. But if you do build such a deck, you could make it a secondary attacker for late-game if things don't go well in a Darkness deck, since once your opponent only has 3 prizes left, you can reduce your opponent's hand to 3 or fewer cards with Iono and Roxanne,…
  • I'm glad that we have a fresh new story that is not mainly about exploration. It's a breath of fresh air from the series, and it feels like Pokémon is taking a page from other popular animes (I started describing the setting to some friends and they said it sounded like One Piece lol)
  • Toedscruel ex w/ Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR for setup is a deck that I've been using, in addition to the new Todscruel to block energy retrievals from common meta decks.
  • For the time being, the Expanded beta only allows the use of Sun and Moon onward. Cards from Black/White and XY might be made available to use in Expanded once development goes beyond that, but for now they're not usable yet.
  • It seems that you do have to get lucky to get the cards you want. But at the very least, you only have to do it once since you can exchange credits for additional copies of a card.
  • The Expanded format in TCG live is only in its Beta, meaning that they do not yet have a format to play these cards, although they may somewhere down the line.
  • The credits are only auto-exchanged once you have more than 4 copies of a card (or more than 60 of an Energy or more than 1 copy of a Radiant Pokémon) You can't get those extra cards, nor can you exchange these cards on your own before you exceed the 4-card limit.