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Season 20 Ranked Matches

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We’re excited to share the regulations for Ranked Match Series 20, starting on Thursday, June 6, 2024!

In Series 19, we lowered the requirement for starting Draft Mode from a Master Rank rating of 1400 to 1200. This was to let more trainers experience the fun of Draft Mode. While many of you enjoyed the strategic battles, we also heard from those who missed the previous game mode due to the wider availability of Draft Mode. Based on your feedback, we’ve set the new regulations for the upcoming series. We're committed to making ranked matches better for everyone, and we’ll continue to gather your thoughts through surveys. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Previous (Series 19)

New (Series 20)

Draft Mode activation requirement *1

Master Rank rating of 1200 or above

Master Rank rating of 1400 or above

EX Licenses per team *2



*1 Must possess 14 licenses and meet the condition with 10 people
*2 Must include at least one Master Rank among the 10 matched people

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We look forward to another exciting series with you!